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10 Smart Ways To Design A Smaller Home!

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Home décor is a reflection of your personal choices and taste. Sadly, homeowners with smaller spaces often have a hard time making choices, simply because the available space doesn’t offer enough scope for experimentation. In this post, we will talk about 10 ways to play with colors, themes, and ideas in your small home.

  • Go wooden. If you are unsure of which color palette to choose, neutrals are easily your safe bet. You can play with wooden colors and textures, which add a lot of richness to the surfaces without costing a fortune.
  • Play around shades. One of the best ideas is to accent the house right. You need to just choose two colors, preferably in contrast. Use the lighter shade for the walls, and the other one for your accessories, curtains, and other upholstery.

  • Add an accenting chair. The simplest way to revamp an existing room is by adding a special pop-color furniture item, such as a daybed, recliner, or even a regular chair. A bright colored chair in an otherwise boring and pale room can do wonders.
  • Play with textures. Textured fabrics and wallpapers have been trending for a while, and you can try something that matches your budget and existing décor. Try replacing a few things, such as sofa covers or wallpapers, which can add instant drama to smaller spaces.
  • Use dual-purpose products. Your sofa can be a bed at night, while the existing bed can be a perfect space to keep your shoes. Dual purpose furniture products are not just functional but extremely stylish, as well.
  • Put your walls to use. If you don’t have space for extra stuff and books, you can use the walls effectively to add more storage space. Just get a few wall shelves (you will find cheap options online), which can be placed in any room for storing the unused books, files and other basics.

  • Reduce your clutter. Smaller homes need more attention, because people often don’t realize the amount of clutter they have. Unused furniture items, décor essentials, floor lights, and winter sports goods are probably taking more space than the functional pieces.
  • Get a big wall hanging. If you live in a rented space, you cannot redesign the house every other month. A better idea is to go for a wall hanging, something that’s large and can cover a big portion of the wall, especially in a bedroom or living room.
  • Add a large mirror. Mirrors add illusion, and you can add one to your corridors and living rooms to add more visual space. You will find very effective ideas on websites like Homelilys. Just make sure that you buy something with stylish borders/frames.

  • Go for pendant lights. When you don’t have enough floor space, you should avoid table lamps and floor lamps. Instead, go for pendant lights or small chandeliers that add more drama without trying too hard. Bright colored pendant lights can change your entire space, and these come at very effective prices online.

Check your home now to find the feasible options!

Author Bio – Sambo is known for his experience with interior décor. Besides writing on the subject for years, he has also completed many projects throughout his career.