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3 Reasons to Declutter Your Home

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3 Reasons to Declutter Your Home

There’s no doubt about it, decluttering has become fashionable. Countless articles have been penned about the topic, books have been published on it and numerous websites and blogs are devoted to discussing it.
Since the trend emerged, “decluttering experts” have cited numerous ways in which clearing the decks in our homes can increase productivity and lower stress.

While it’s difficult to prove either, even if decluttering doesn’t produce a dramatic life overhaul, it will help you to maximise and enjoy your space. Here are three reasons you should think about decluttering your home:

1.       Fewer Decisions
If you’re the kind of person who stresses over what to wear in the morning, what to have for breakfast and even which mug to use, decluttering your home will remove many of those frustrating decisions from your day. If for example, you were to have a “capsule wardrobe” containing only a select number of high-quality items that you really love, you could select any item and know you’d feel comfortable. Or, if you were to whittle down your mug collection to just your 3 favourites, wouldn’t that speed up the decision making?

So, invest in storage solutions for items you could do without, but may need later on in life. It’s all about making your daily life more straightforward and less stressful.

2.       Safer Home
Your home will be safer when you have less obstacles lying around. Piles of clutter can create obstructions around the house that make injury more likely, especially if you have kids. What’s more, it’s easier to proof your rooms for babies and pets when you own less.

3.       Make Money
Don’t just throw your unwanted items in a bin bag, as there is good money to be made. Sell new or good-condition items on eBay, Gumtree or Facebook and hand the rest to your local charity shop. Donating to a good instead of hanging on to unwanted items will do someone else a good turn and will make you feel great. Making money on your clutter could help you save for that holiday or house move.