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3 Top Tips for Choosing Replacement Tiles for Your Kitchen

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Replacing your kitchen tiles? Whether replacing splashback, wall or floor tiles, here are three top tips that should you follow them when buying your next tiles could save you a sizable amount of time, stress and money, enabling you to get your dream tiles and better yet enjoy the experience of shopping for them too.

  1. Limit Your Search to a Maximum of Three Tiles

Most of us are familiar with the fashion advice that tells us to never leave the house wearing more than three colours at any one time. Well, the same is true (and for the same reasons) when choosing kitchen tiles.

Failure to narrow your choices down to a maximum of three tiles is likely to result in ending up with a kitchen design that is more overwhelming than on point. This is because introducing more than three styles and with it perhaps more colours, patterns and textures is likely to muddle and blur a design aesthetic rather than fulfil it.

Hence, the trick when choosing kitchen tiles really is to stick to the rule that says less is more; at the very most, opt for one tile with which to floor a kitchen, one tile with which to create a splashback surface and perhaps a third tile as a feature tile when creating a flooring design or wow feature out of your kitchen splashback.

In contrast, it is perfectly reasonable to opt to purchase two or less tiles. Opting to tile a floor does not mean having to limit your choice of splash back material to tiles; you could change things up by opting for a steel or glass splash back surface. Provided you remember to choose all of your materials, colours, patterns and textures for use within a new kitchen as part of a singular and unified design aesthetic, you are guaranteed a great result.

  1. Shirk the Showrooms to Save Money

Whether you do indeed opt to purchase three separate tiles or just the one type with which to replace your existing kitchen tiles or add to them, a fantastic tip is to search for and buy tiles online.

Buying online enables those looking for tiles to buy direct from UK based suppliers such as Tile Yard Sale. Cutting out the middleman and going direct is likely to save you a decent amount of money. Further, avoiding the showrooms means never being bamboozled into a sale due to the efforts of eager or pushy sales people.

In turn, the money you save when replacing your old kitchen tiles can then also be put to choosing a second style of tiles with which to create a kitchen wow factor or afford new floor tiles as well as a new splashback surface.

  1. Tot Up the Total Amount of Tiles You Will Need…Ahead of Hitting the Tills

Last but by no means least, one of the most common mistakes people buying replacement kitchen tiles make is buying the wrong amount. What’s more, so many people do it not because tile shoppers happen to be particularly careless, but rather because it is so easily done. We buy tiles so infrequently and so easily get caught up in searching for the perfect ones that all too often we fail to buy the right amount.

Of those of us who manage not to get blinded by the dazzling array of choice out there whilst shopping, many of us still manage to buy the wrong amount simply because we fail to realise that tiles are sold in differing sizes. This means that counting the amount of tiles our kitchen currently features is rarely if ever a reliable means of assessing the number of replacement tiles we are likely to need. At best, this sort of calculating works out by coincidence or luck. It is not worth relying on luck though when buying something as potentially costly as tiles, especially when buying online as needing to subsequently order just a handful or even one or two tiles is likely to prove time consuming if not sting consumers when factoring in any potential postage and packing or currier costs.

Fortunately, these are errors that are as easily avoided as they are made. Ahead of hitting the shops, simply bookmark an online tile calculator, such as the one featured here via Calculator.net. Free to use, when you find the tiles you like you can simply use the calculator to compute for you the amount of that specific tile you will need, based on the measurements of the space you wish to tile, or re-tile.

Finally, do not forget to add 10% more tiles than the number you calculate when purchasing replacement tiles. Not only will this safeguard you against any potential accidents whilst re-tiling (and whether you enlist an expert to do it or do it yourself), but it will also mean having a few spares should a tile become damaged or cracked at a later date. Hence, this will negate the need to re-tile again should this occur, as you can replace a single tile yourself (provided you have a tile to replace a broken one with!). To learn how, the DIY Doctor website features a guide that could save you the cost of calling out the experts.