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3 Types of Home Renovation That Can Add Value

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The house flipping industry has taken the world by storm, but investing in real estate has been a lucrative investment opportunity for many years.  You don’t have to buy a property with the sole intention of “flipping” it for profit, as you can live in your home for a while with plans to eventually sell it in the future, perhaps when you change careers or start a family.

Either way—whether you want to buy and flip as quick as you can or you want to put a little proverbial mileage on your vehicle—here are 3 types of home renovation projects that can quickly add value to your home.


Lets start with this type of renovation because it is likely the most difficult.  While generally held as the smallest room in any house, the bathroom is actually the hardest to renovate. Think about it: electricity, plumbing, foundation, fixtures.  You have to address all of these things and there is very little room for error.  Even if you only want to replace the tub or the basin, there is still a lot to deal with in such a confined space.

If you do it right, though, a bathroom renovation can be a really smart investment. And you can even save some money by going green and also by addressing the aesthetics. Think about tiling, backsplash, and lighting too.


Ask any realtor and they will tell you that the room which tends to really sell a home on the market is the kitchen. Indeed, the kitchen is the most commonly and consistently shared space in the house.  Renovco kitchen renovations can even make up for a less than stellar bedroom or bathroom because people really like to feel safe, homey, and clean in a nice kitchen. It is a room of family dinners and deep conversations that go long into the night. It it is a room for food preparation and dining; of nourishment—both of the body and of the mind. Obviously, there are many different ways to improve your kitchen, allowing you to make decisions based on your best timeline and/or budget.


A nice yard, a strong fence, and maybe some gardening can really make a huge difference. Whether you are looking to sell right away or just want to have a beautiful home to return to every night, curb appeal is important both for and for your [eventual] prospective buyers.