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3 Ways to Use Light to Change the Look and Feel of Any Room

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In 2016 homes are diversely used with rooms being consequently more multifunctional than ever before. That is, whilst once over a family home could accurately be summed up as needing a kitchen, family bathroom, X amount of bedrooms and perhaps a dining room and / or garage space, today a lot has changed and the evidence is very much in the way homes are designed and used. From watching DVDs in the bath to working from a bedroom, most of us today (and our kids for that matter) require every space within the home to double or even triple up in terms of uses. OBD1

Why does any of this matter when it comes to buying a new lamp or playing with living room lighting? Well, at a very basic level, every room requires light. Further, the varied ways in which many of us use the rooms within the home these days require a multi-faceted approach to lighting in order to prevent eyestrain and difficulty when switching between, for example, cosying up to watch a good old horror movie with the family to writing a journal or updating an online blog.

Then, here are just 3 ways to use light to change the look and feel of any room, in order to provide everyone from those living in one room studios to three bed houses with a functional, stylish and appropriately lit and atmospheric space – whatever they might be doing within it.

  1. Task Lighting

As aforementioned, we are more gadget mad than ever before. We are also far more hobby mad than once over. Whilst even ten years ago video games, colouring books and cartoons were for the most part if not entirely thought of as childhood pastimes, today more and more adults are enjoying all three. Further, the rise of granny chic and the hipster trend has meant that DIY crafts, knitting and getting creative to create just about everything from household items to gifts is very much in vogue. Finally, and as reported earlier this year via The Mirror Newspaper website, with soaring numbers of people in 2016 ‘shunning the office’ in favour of working from home, task lighting has never been a more important element to incorporate into your home and interior design plans.

Best provided via a mix of table, floor and even pendant lighting, task lighting is that which supplements ceiling lights. It is never used in place of ceiling lighting as its entire point is to provide focussed rather than general light within a space. To give an example, a well placed floor lamp placed directly beside or behind a favourite armchair can provide sufficient focussed light for anyone reading a book in said armchair whilst others in the same room watch TV without having to turn on a ceiling light and destroy the atmosphere.

Hence, task lighting provides house owners with often the greatest level of control over not only the amount of light emitted within a room, but as well the focus and trajectory of that light, enabling numerous people to enjoy a single space.

  1. Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is similar to task lighting in that it is often provided via lamps and wall lights and supplements or is used as an occasional alternative to bright ceiling lighting. Mood lighting is the antithesis of task lighting when it comes to its purpose though; that is, mood lighting is an important way to instantly and easily change the look and feel of a room in order to create a mood or atmosphere, rather than permit those within a room to perform tasks or see more clearly. Hence, mood lighting whilst often being provided via lamps aims to softly and generally light an entire room, rather than focussing a high level of light in a relatively small or contained area of a space.

Given the use and purpose of mood lighting, it is no wonder that one of the major ways in which it is created is not only via lamps bearing softly lit bulbs but also via candles and open fires. Meanwhile, dimmer switches are also once again growing in popularity after experiencing a dip as more and more homes are in 2016 once again fitting them in their living rooms and any rooms in which TVs feature to create a real home cinema feeling.

For more ideas as to how to create the perfect mood lighting within every room in the home and do so safely, give the inspiration provided via the Home Interiors Design website article: Bright Ideas for Mood Lighting Your Home a read.

  1. LED Lighting

Energy efficient, cool, versatile, coming in a wealth of colours including brilliant white (to provide bright and non-startling task lighting) and available to buy inexpensively and fit often without the need of an electrician (due to the fact LEDs can often be bought wire-less and battery powered or in plug in strings), LEDs grow in popularity as a supplementary lighting option year on year.

The exciting and dizzying variety of uses LEDs can be put to mean that they are the ideal means of adding a wow factor, ornamental light or as an atmospheric and safer alternative to using candles. For example, and trending for some time now, many home feature a fish bowl full of strings of battery powered LEDs which can provide a relaxing glow whilst curled up on the sofa watching a movie in the evening or on a cold winter night. Further, forget to turn off your LEDs, whether battery or mains powered, and this mistake is likely to cost you far less when it comes to paying your electricity bill than forgetting to turn off your ceiling lights whilst also being far less dangerous than forgetting to blow a candle (or several) out ahead of leaving a room.

Therefore, LEDs are not only a cost effective means of adding both task and mood lighting, but can finish a modern interior such as contemporary kitchen perfectly when used to backlight a splashback surface, to add trim to skirting boards or as under cabinet task lights, whilst also furnishing homes in which young children live with a safe alternative to candles and lamps.

For even more reasons why LEDs really are so fantastic and for more uses to which they can be put within the home, continue your research and reading via the Oberoi Brothers Designer Lighting website, and specifically by paying attention to their article: 50 Reasons Why LED Lights are Great. A UK based lighting provider specialising in designer lighting options intended for use within the home, the Oberoi Brothers Company prove that whilst LEDs are affordable, they needed look tacky or tasteless.