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4 Things to Know When Installing Radiant Floor Heating

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Underfloor heating, otherwise known as radiant floor heating, has become very popular in recent years. If you are ready to install a new system, call Radian Floor Heating Installers for expert-level service.

Why choose radiant floor heating? Compared to other types of heating solutions, radiant floor heating is virtually silent and more efficient.

The efficiency stems from the placement of the system at the base of a room. Everyone knows hot air rises, and this is what gives radiant floor heating the advantage. As the air is warmed by the floor, it rises toward the ceiling. The result is a warm, comfortable environment with 75 degree air at your feet, 68 degree air at eye level, and 61 degree air at the ceiling. And because radiant floor heating is evenly distributed around the entire floor, the warmth is evenly distributed as well.

When switching to radiant floor heating, consider these getting started tips.

Choose the Right Type of Floor Heating

There are three types of heating solutions: hot air, hot water, and electric. In general, hot air is least efficient, hot water is most efficient, and electric is most expensive. Costs will vary depending on location, though. Radian Floor Heating Installers can answer all of your questions about which system is right for you.

Plan for the Right Power

Wattage can vary by system, and more watts means more heat. When choosing the wattage you need, consider that a 100W system will warm the floor but provide limited heating for the room, a 150W system will provide good room heating but also will require good insulation, and a 200W system can be used in rooms with high heat loss.

Remember the Importance of Insulation

No heating or cooling system will be efficient without insulation. In the case of radiant floor heating, an installed unit with no installation will do a great job of heating the ground. This is not what you want.

Consider a Cooling System

Radiant floor heating will provide consistent, even warmth throughout your home, but it will not provide cooling. Remember how hot air rises? Providing cooling from the ground would not be very efficient as the cool air would not rise to cool the rest of the room. You would end up with some really frozen feet.

As you are planning for your new radiant floor heating solution, call Radian Floor Heating Installers.