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5 Simple Ways To Improve Garage Security!

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5 Simple Ways To Improve Garage Security!

Garages are vulnerable to thefts and burglaries, and more often than not, people tend to ignore that part of the house. Thieves and burglars often look for ways to enter the house through the garage door, because it’s on the outside and is surely more accessible than other doors. In this post, we will talk about 10 tips for improving garage security.

  • Replace the door. If you have a single-panel door at home, consider replacing the same with a roller door. SeceuroGlide garage doors are great for adding more security to your home, and the initial investment will be recovered over the years, as there is little or no cost of maintenance. Old garage doors, especially the ones that are over a decade old, have many functional problems too.

  • Install a security system. Most advanced garage doors, especially the sectional and roller variants, come with their own security systems. This is an important option that must be exercised. You can also check for security systems that are additionally installed and can be synced to the overall security network of your home. In case of a breach, the alarms will ring and you can call for help.
  • Keep the remote safe. People often have a tendency of keeping garage remote in the car. No matter whether your car is parked outside the home or somewhere on the road, the remote can be stolen, and burglars have many ways of doing what they want. Always keep the remote in a safe place that’s not accessible to strangers. If you carry a bag to work, keep a small bag, where you can keep garage remote with the house keys.
  • Go for extra features. Some of the garage door systems lock automatically if left unchecked for a long period of time. The door will also shut down, in case there is a power outrage in the area, so that there are no trespassing and other concerns. You can check with one of the reliable garage door installers to know about your options.

  • Get the repairs done. If there are repairs to be done to your garage door, don’t delay them. Smaller damages often leave scope for miscreants, and you don’t want to pay for massive repairs later. If the garage door has been making a lot of noise off-late, do get it checked. Also, make sure that hinges, rollers and other parts are lubricated at least twice every year.

Other tips

If the garage is attached to the main segment of the house, always try to alienate the area by locking all of the access points, or else, go for the security systems as mentioned earlier. Check your garage door every night before going to bed, especially if you don’t have an automated system. Get a special security system for your home, in case you plan to leave your home for more than a few weeks. If required, install a few CCTV cameras, just to keep an eye on trespassers.

Finally, do consider professional installation services. There are many DIY guides out there, but these don’t address the security concerns like an expert installer. Also, if you are replacing the door, get an estimate and always go for the most advanced choice, so that you don’t need to spend for the next decade or so.