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5 Ways to Help Ease Your Loved One’s Transition From Home to Assisted Living

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The professionals at Sally’s Residential Care Home provide advice to help caregivers ease their loved one’s move into assisted living.

It can be a tough decision for a caregiver to convince an aging loved one to move out of their home and into an assisted living facility. The loved one may view the move as a loss of their independence or they may be overwhelmed with the idea of moving to a new home. Although leaving behind their home may initially be painful, many seniors are given a new lease on life when they move into assisted living once they adjust. Fortunately, you can help your loved one adjust to assisted living. Here are some ways to help ease the transition into assisted living.

Help Your Loved One Select Items to Bring Along

Deciding what prized possessions to bring along to assisted living can be a difficult decision for any senior. Often, they will have a much smaller space and will need to pick and choose what is most important. Help your loved one choose things that evoke happy memories. Items that make the new space feel like home will make the transition to an unfamiliar space easier.

Make Sure the Staff Is Aware of Your Loved One’s Preferences

Talk to the assisted living staff about your loved one’s preferences. This will help staff members better form a connection with your family member. Feeling connected with staff will help your loved one feel more comfortable and welcome in their new home. Therefore, let the staff know all about your loved one’s preferences and daily routines.

Visit on a Regular Basis

Many seniors worry about their loved ones dropping them off at an assisted living facilities and being too busy to visit. Schedule specific times and days to visit and consistently visit. If your loved one is able, take them out into the community often. Knowing that they will not lose connections with loved ones will help seniors better adjust to assisted living.

Help Your Loved One Maintain Their Sense of Independence and Self-Esteem

Most assisted living facilities offer an array of fun social and educational activities and events. Participating in these social events can help your loved one maintain their sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Ensure That Your Loved One Will Continue to Live a Dignified, Fulfilling Life

Ask the staff how they promote wellness and continued independence. Assisted living that encourages independence and freedom of choice will help your loved one adjust more easily to their new home. Ask the facility if they provide a personalized plan of care that focuses on your loved one’s unique abilities.

For questions about how you can help ease your loved one’s transition from home to assisted living, contact Sally’s Residential Care Home. The staff at Sally’s Residential Care Home can help you make your loved one’s transition an easy one.