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5 Ways to Optimize Your Spring Cleaning in Ten Minutes

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Every year as spring emerges from winter, we take a look at our homes in the new light of a new year and realize we really need to give it a good cleaning. There is a reason it is called Spring Cleaning and even if all you clean out is the stuff stuck behind those Houston garage doors, I still say it falls under the heading spring cleaning.

But just as not all homes are made the same, so too not all spring cleanings are made the same. There are ways to have that spring ritual take up weeks of your life, and there are ways to get it all done and out of the way for another year in less than a weekend. It is mostly about organization. So, not being the kind of person who keeps this kind of information to herself, here are my quick tips on how to turn that spring cleaning marathon session into a quick and easy weekend checklist.

Order of Cleaning is Important

Because gravity works quite well when you are cleaning, always start at the top and clean down. This way you aren’t cleaning up twice when you do that big dusting in the living room or have to wash down that wall.

The same goes for cleaning something that needs to be done both inside as well as outside. Sweep that mess to the outside of the room and then pick it up to avoid walking through it or having to do it all over again when the dog walks through it.

One at a Time

It can be easy to get distracted in today’s hectic world, so just tackle one room at a time. In fact, if that room is really huge, like say a living room, you might want to break it down into one section at a time. This way you will completely clean that one room and get the satisfaction of seeing it completed before you move on to the next room.


They say that women are better at this, but I don’t know about that. I have to really concentrate when I do this, but when I am cleaning I try to always multi-task. Throw that laundry in before you start, pick up as well as dust as you go along and note what needs extra work. I count dancing as I dust as multi-tasking so I almost always have the radio on when I work.

Dusting versus Vacuuming

When we dust, we move that dust and dirt around and it inevitably ends up on the floor. So, when you plan to do both, dust first and then sweep, mop and/or vacuum the floor after. This way you catch all the dust and dirt that is moved and released by the dusting.

Care for your Hands

Even if you don’t think you will be doing a lot of cleaning today, be sure to always don those ugly but all important rubber gloves first. Detergents are harsh and can be hard on your skin.

In addition, many of today’s cleaning materials can soften your nails. So be sure to grab a pair of good sturdy rubber gloves before you even start, and keep them on.