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7 Tips to Keep Your Bathrooms Clean

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Maintaining the sanitation of the bathrooms is essential to living a healthier life.“Blocked toilets are a smelly affair” Quoted from this specialist  plumbing Company. Along with cleaning the toilets and mopping the floors regularly, you can do a couple of things to keep the whole area cleaner than before. Besides the hygiene factor, it is also a matter of impression. You cannot let your guests get disgusting visiting the smelly bathroom. So, you should be careful about cleaning the place thoroughly before you start welcoming your guests and also it is essential for the benefits of the health as well as hygiene of your family.

Do the best to prevent moisture

Make it a rule in your home that whoever is done having a shower should use the squeegee to wipe down the walls, shower doors, and the tub. This is a great way to prevent the moisture from settling down and making it the ideal zone for the mildew to generate.

Use and exhaust fan and keep the windows open

Also, use an exhaust fan or keep the bathroom window open so that the water can easily be dried out faster. You can also remove the shower curtain after once you’re done with the shower and let the air pass naturally to dissipate the moisture.

Use water repellent inside the shower

You can take the initiative of coating the walls with a water repellent. This coat will be very effective for dissipating the excess water from the shower walls, the tub and the surrounds itself.

Protect the countertops

Clean and mop the countertops regularly. Also, use hands-free soap dispensers instead of keeping a grimy soap on a soap dish. After several uses, it gets smudged and can make the countertop messy with the continuing soapy waters. So, try to avoid it and use the dispensers instead.

Use canisters to store toothbrush, toothpaste, & mouthwashes

Also use a canister where you can keep the toothpaste and the brush. If you or the kid at home has the habit of dropping lumps of toothpaste on the countertops of the sink, wash it out properly so that it may not remain there and oozes a smell.

Be careful about the leaks

You can never entertain leaks. Whenever you locate that a certain portion of the wall or the bathroom cabinet is leaking, you should immediately call a plumber to fix the issue. You may not have the high-end equipment that the plumbers have using which they can resolve the issues quickly. Henceforth, call up your plumber to fix the leaks on the wall and also the leaking faucets.

Clean the toilets

You should be careful about cleaning the toilets. Use branded toilet cleaners and also the hot water and soda solutions to clear off the water marks from the toilets. Keep the covers open to avoid the mildew sediment formations.

Use ample bathroom freshening products that help to disinfect the place as well as leave a nice aromatic smell in the bathrooms. So, these are a few tips that you can follow for keeping the bathrooms clean.