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A great way to have your valuables safely for free

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A great way to have your valuables safely for free

Most of the people would want to keep their valuables under their pillow and by using beds with storage anyone can achieve this. Some storage bed manufactures have taken a step further to assure the users that their valuables are kept safe and have even added fascinating locks to their beds. Now let’s see why it’s good to own one.

It’s one of the rarest places robbers will look for

When a robbery happens in a house the robbers will mostly target the cupboards and safes that are in your house and would spend much of their time trying to open up those things. They will also search all your drawyers and tables but there’s only 1% chance that they will lift up your mattress and look what is under it. So if the burglars cannot find it isn’t it a better safe place?

You will not have to pay monthly fees

Once you buy a storage bed with a locker you will not have to pay any monthly fee for it unlike the bank lockers which you will have to pay monthly and provide a lot of information. It’s also better than placing your valuables anywhere else because you can have direct access to it.

You will not have to go to another place or ask for other’s permissions to view your valuables, and instead you simply can lock your room door and have a check whenever you want. And since in some storage beds it’s very hard to spot whether there is a storage compartment under it or not, even your family members will not know about it.

You can have surprises for your loved ones there

If it’s your significant other’s birthday or if it’s your anniversary you will not have to go in search for jewelry, or any other gifts instead you can buy when you want and simply keep them under your bed and when the day comes you can gift them and make them happy.

It won’t rust up or become dusty

It’s not like having your stuff under your bed within an open box. Storing your things inside a storage bed wouldn’t make them dusty or make them rust. It’s just like placing your things safely in a cupboard or a safe. All your stuff will be safe and you will be able to reach them without having to crawl under your bed like a commando to reach them.