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A Homeowner’s Handy Guide For Dealing with Water Damage

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Water damage is a serious concern for homeowners. There are various possible reasons behind such a situation, right from sudden storms to leaking pipes or checked taps. It is important to act quickly, so as to reduce the extent of damage. Most people believe that they can manage the cleaning process, which is sadly not true. Besides water logging, there are many other aspects they need attention. In this post, we will talk about simple ways to deal with water damage.

Don’t wait

The extent of damages often defines your action, but it is always advisable to choose a professional company for the job. Ask your friends and neighbors for references, or else, you can always check online to find reliable services for water damage Shawnee KS. If you act early, it is possible to reduce damage to furniture and other expensive stuff lying on the floor.

Look for right services

There are a few things to check before seeking water damage restoration services. Firstly, the company should be licensed and insured. Many services take up such job contracts and shell the same to third party subcontractors for a commission. Look for a service that has a registered office and is available 24×7 on a single call. The response time is an aspect you cannot ignore. Secondly, ask for an estimate. Ideally, the cleaning experts will check the situation at the scene and offer a straightforward estimate for the task. Make sure that the quote is transparent and doesn’t include any scope for hidden charges.

Be careful

Water leaks and flooding can often lead to mold growth, which can be a serious health concern for seniors, kids and pets. If you see signs of mold, talk to the restoration service for further help. Companies that deal with water damage often offer mold removal services, as well. If you see any naked wires or electric lines, do not touch any. As you wait for help, just take a moment to remove everyone from the site. Do not panic, because there isn’t much you can do on your own. Be careful of electronic devices, and if possible, cut off the main power.

Once the work has been done, do a thorough check to see the final results and any possible issues. Ask the restoration service to document the entire scene, so that you can get a fair settlement from the insurance company.