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A Quick Guide to Choosing a New Bathroom Suite

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The look of and features within a bathroom can alter the value of a property. At best and as extolled via the This is Money website: a new bathroom costs on average between £2,500 and £6,000 and will add 6.10% value to your property.

At worst, a bathroom suite alone can knock potentially thousands off an asking price. Therefore, there are several things to definitely avoid when plumping for a new suite, as well as several things to remember. Then, here is a quick guide to choosing that perfect suite, as well as some top tips on getting the perfect wall and floor tiles to go with it.

  1. Budgeting for a Suite

Firstly, and as reiterated by bathroom experts, Aston Designs via their blog article 5 Reasons to Invest in a Quality Bathroom Suite: it is never a good idea to buy a bathroom suite by simply looking at the price tag. Whilst cheap toilet bowls and sinks (being made of ceramics) might hold up in the long term, cheap bathtubs and shower trays tend not to fair so well.

Specifically, the cheapest shower trays on the market are often made of materials which tend to literally flex and buckle under the weight and pressure of an adult person. Whilst they do not often and should never break under this pressure, the fact they can flex can result in the seal around them becoming leaky. This in turn can then result in water penetrating beneath the tray, which can (as you can imagine) cause all manner of problems, from mould and mildew to damp floorboards.

Hence, set a realistic budget and aim to at least go middle of the range unless you are fitting a new suite in order to appeal to buyers. In this instance it is best to figure a budget taking into account the current value of your home to determine what will cost the least whilst adding the most value.

  1. Shower vs. Bathtub

When it comes to the age old question of shower vs. bathtub most of us have a personal preference. The point to remember when buying a bathroom suite though is that you are unlikely to be the only person to use it. This is true even if you live alone as one day and in all likelihood you will want to sell your property. Consequently, whilst it is important of course to get what you want as you are right now going to be using your bathroom and spending time in it every day, it also matters to consider the bigger picture.

Hence, when and where possible the best advice is to opt for a separate tub and shower, even if you hate showers or haven’t had bath in decades. Meanwhile, where and when there is insufficient space to do this or in cases when doing so would cause a family bathroom to appear cramped, opt for a tub with an over bath shower, and as advised by real estate guru and TV presenter Phil Spencer speaking via the Telegraph Newspaper, have a glass shower screen fitted rather than opting for a cheap shower curtain to create the most functional and value-adding space.

  1. To Go DIY or Call in the Experts

Redesigning a bathroom is not like redesigning a bedroom, or just about any other room within the home – except perhaps the kitchen. As with a kitchen, a bathroom is likely to be almost entirely if not entirely fitted. Further, the fixtures and furniture within a bathroom can prove dangerous to remove or replace if you do not know what you are doing. At worst, even if you do a good job, your home insurance policy might become void simply because you did not task an expert to do it for you.

For these reasons, the first and most useful tip to choosing the right bathroom is to choose to let the experts do the hard work. That said and warnings given, if you do decide to fit a bathroom suite yourself, at the very least ensure to consult your home insurer. Meanwhile, for a guide to what you can expect an expert to charge, head over to the Which? Website which features a useful break down of the average prices as well as further information on how to find a reputable fitter.