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A Quick Guide to Choosing a Replacement Garage Door

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Thinking of replacing your current garage door, but not sure whether it needs replacing yet or even what to replace it with in 2016?

Here is a quick guide to ensuring you make the best decision – the best being the one which save you the most time, money and stress whilst also providing you, your belongings and your family with the best security.

Know When to Replace a Garage Door

Garage doors are not something we replace very often. In fact, invest in a good quality garage door in the first instance and it is likely that it will last for a good old while before it needs replacing. This is especially true when it comes to manual garage doors as it is often the automatic mechanisms of garage doors that break and need repairing. Fortunately, mechanisms can often be repaired or replaced without doing so resulting in compromising the security of your garage door. And replacing a mechanism or part of one is likely to be far less costly and time consuming than replacing an entire door, of course.

Meanwhile, if it is other and especially visible aspects of your garage door which are giving up the ghost, it is definitely time to at least consider getting the whole door replaced. That is, if you have had to repair or have your current garage door replaced more than once already, and even if these patch up jobs don’t compromise the security provided by the door directly, the evidence that a door has been patched up or repaired is like a welcome sign to burglars who are always on the lookout for such tell-tale signs that a premises or garage might be easy to break into.

Research Your Options

Replacing a garage door can be as easy as finding the cheapest type of garage door your garage currently features and either paying to have it fitted or even fitting it yourself, depending on your level of skill and as well whether the door is the manual kind or automatic. That said, and whilst doing this might prove the most time saving decision to make, it is unlikely in many instances to prove either the most cost effective or security efficient way to go about replacing your existing garage door. What is more, this is also true even if the door you look to replace your existing one with is initially more expensive to buy and / or have fitted.

The reality is that technology in all areas of engineering evolves and develops over time. Hence, it is likely that your current garage door is not only providing an insufficient level of security through being old, and possibly damaged. Rather, it is likely that when you last replaced your garage door the most secure options now on the market had not yet then even been devised. Hence, opting to simply buy the modern equivalent of the same door is not always, if ever, advisable.

Instead, it is worth at least exploring your options in 2016, which you can do easily and in a matter of minutes by heading over to a reputable and specialise garage door website, such as the Duratec Security Solutions site and taking a moment to browse and read up on the various garage doors now available, which will also serve to inform you as to the pros and potential cons of each type out there. Then, even if you do decide to simply replace your existing door with one of the same or equivalent kind, you will at least do so having made an informed decision, rather than spending money only to regret it when you discover just what is available in 2016.

Invest in Additional Security

Whether you opt to replace your current garage door with one of the same or a newer type, one tip well worth taking heed of is to invest in additional security. This is advisable even if you opt to purchase one of the more secure and modern garage doors, especially if you keep your car or gardening, gym or other expensive equipment within your garage.

Further, if you garage is connected to your home with its own access directly to your property failing to invest in additional security, such as CCTV and / or a garage defender is not only foolhardy, but potentially putting your family in danger. Recognising this reality (even if you do not), many home insurers will also raise the cost of you home insurance premiums or set them accordingly high to reflect the fact that your home and its contents are not as well secured as they could be. This means what you save by failing to invest in a CCTV camera and / or garage defender you could lose threefold, or more, in having to fork out more for home insurance.

Hence, to really work out what will stand to save you the most amount of money and best protect your valuables and family in the long term, speak with your home insurer and as well explore just how little it could cost to purchase a CCTV camera via the likes of the Screwfix website as well as a simple garage defender, which can be picked up inexpensively via the Lock & Key website.