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Advantages of Having a Wetroom in Your Home

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Wondering what is a wetroom? It is basically a bathroom with an open shower and its floor is designed to draw all the water from the floor. If you have a smaller bathroom and are thinking of upgrading, a wetroom is a great choice since it will make your bathroom look larger because it doesn’t have the typical blocked off shower area. You can make better use of the whole space in your bathroom while at the same time having an open and appealing environment. Take a look at the main benefits of having a wetroom.

Easy to Install and Keep Clean

The installation of a wetroom is simple but is best handled by professionals. They can be installed on both wooden and concrete floors. One great advantage is that they are much easier to clean and maintain. You have nothing to worry about except for a tiled floor and a piece of frameless glass. You can also use normal household bathroom cleaners to disinfect and prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

You can install a wetroom shower screen to avoid the splashing of water in the shower area onto your floor or fixtures, especially if your bathroom is small. Also, the risk of slipping can be minimised if you have a shower screen to contain the water. It can also provide additional storage. You can use double hook clips that you can put over the top of the screen and hang your robe or towel. You can also arrange hair care products with the use of hanging racks that you can clip over the screen.

Design, Accessibility and Protection

Wetrooms are not only a great space-saving solution especially if you have a tiny bathroom. They can also add a wow-factor to your room and increase the value and quality of your home. If you have decided to install a wetroom, there are lots of choices to make. You can waterproof the entire room or just opt for a walk-in shower. When choosing décor, you can go for neutral designs or add striking colours of your choice.

Wetrooms can give your bathroom a contemporary look, being sleek and stylish. Imagine walking into a bathroom where you can see an elegantly tiled floor and walls without any bulky shower enclosures or white trays that can cause clutter. You can access the shower easily and this is a great idea if your movement is restricted and perfect for those who are elderly and disabled.

Wetrooms also have less fixtures, appliances and fittings so you won’t have to think about any broken things or leaks. Also, if done properly, waterproofing or tanking your bathroom can lengthen the life of your tiles and grouting.

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