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After the Underground Yard Pests Are Gone: Top Tips for Dealing With the Damage Left Behind

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It can be a great relief to finally confirm that your yard pests have been eliminated, but there is still plenty of hard work left to do as you try to deal with the aftermath of their trail of destruction.

Your lawn and shrubs can come under sustained attack from a whole host of pests that range from moles, gophers, squirrels and all manner of rodents.

Here is a look at how to contend with the threat and repair damage in a way that can also dissuade the creatures from returning. This includes an overview of ways to extinguish the pests, making sure they been eliminated, and then following a plan to prevent them from returning.

It only takes one

There is nothing cute or cuddly about a gopher when it is attacking your yard, and despite the fact that this critter is a solitary rodent, it is perfectly capable of causing plenty of damage by itself.

Just one gopher is capable of digging up as many as thirty mounds of dirt in your yard in a matter of weeks and seems to have a voracious appetite for roots, stems, and vegetables.

If you are looking for a good way of getting rid of this pest, rodent smoke bombs can be an effective remedy. There is also the option of repellents and poisons, but you should be especially careful with poisons as they can present a potential hazard to children and pets.

Checking they have gone

Once you have deployed your chosen extermination method you will want to make sure that your pest problem has been eradicated before you start carrying out repairs.

If you have gopher holes a good way to check they are not still in residence would be to poke a hole in one of the burrows and then leave it for a couple of days. If the hole is still open when you return to inspect it you can be confident that they have gone for now.

Not welcome back

You don’t want to deal with the nightmare all over again at a later stage so the next step is to work on a strategy that helps to discourage rodents returning to wreak havoc again.

A good precautionary measure to consider would be to plant some natural gopher-repellent plants. If the problem was a mole, the same rules of engagement apply.

Some plants that are good at deterring gophers include lavender, catmint, rosemary, and natal plum. If you have a vegetable garden that is vulnerable to attack, look to dig a small trench around the plot and then bury a wire mesh screen in it, which will help to prevent them from burrowing.

You might also want to consider a solar-powered or battery ultrasonic emitter, which you won’t be able to hear but it is annoying enough for small pests to search somewhere else for their next meal.

If you use all three of these methods in a combined effort to deter pests from returning you will hopefully increase the odds of not having to contend with the problem again in the near future.