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Air Conditioning Types And Why You Should Consider Your Options Carefully

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Air Conditioning Types And Why You Should Consider Your Options Carefully

Considering buying a new air conditioning unit as a replacement or adding something to improve the overall house ventilation is not as easy as it seems. Keeping a house cool depends on the kind of air conditioning unit which suits the size of the residence. Same goes for the establishments that install centralized air conditioning units or prep up their walls with spray foam insulation.

If the selection process is not done in an appropriate manner, such as that which would be done by a Clearwater air conditioning professional, it will most likely lead to unsatisfactory results- a tremendous waste of effort and money.

The improper distribution of temperature, the unwanted humidity in some areas of the house, the appearance of dust and accumulation of mildew spots around the air conditioning unit’s surroundings can be another menace. Employing services from professionals that offer Clearwater air conditioning is highly recommended.

Apparently, there are four main types of air-conditioning units. Each of them are designed differently. Their purposes also differ from one another.

In order to have a concise knowledge about the different types of air-conditioning units, read on.

Window mounted

This is the most common type of air conditioner.

These window-mounted units are known for their easy installation processes. These machines can temporarily slide into double-hung window openings which also makes it easier to clean and unmount.

This unit is available for purchase for only cooling or dual purpose, most prescribed to homes situated within areas that have moderate temperatures.

Window mounted air conditioners are low of costs. Most of them work with existing electrical wirings present within a residence. However, they are just designed only for mounting onto double-hung windows.

People living in the North are advised to remove these units at the end of the season.


These wall- mounted room air conditioners are permanently mounted in a wall. These are installed through attaching a metal sleeve piercing through the other side of the wall and sliding the air conditioner chassis from the inside.

These machines are available in the market for cooling on and cooling or heating capacities just as window-mounted varieties.

These wall-mounted machines are known for its appealing characteristics most suitable for designer units. These fit more securely into place compared to window units.

They do not require storage space, and are relatively easy to fix and replace.

Having one window in the room, a wall-mounted unit can allow sunlight penetrate into the small spaces.

The wall-mounted air conditioner installation is a bit pricey. These comprises of complicated steps such as cutting an opening through the outside wall. Whereas, larger units must have installation of a dedicated 220-volt line.

Most of its models do not include the exterior metal sleeve within the package. You have no other choice but to purchase it separately.


This type is attributed for its versatility and its ability to be temporary installed in a window opening or permanently settled into a wall cavity.

This is an intelligent choice for purchasing an air conditioning unit for a rental apartment window as it can be removed.

However, these window or wall-mounted models do not have a complete set for sale.  The materials such as nuts, screws, bolts and frame to support and secure the unit does not come together in a package.


This is the friendliest and most mobile air conditioner. It has wheels which can be rolled from one room to another including a tube to emit heat out of windows or openings.

It is very easy to store at the end of the season, but a bit costly comparable to other units.

William Kerr is a technician who loves Do-It-Yourself installation processes, and writes about his experiences to let others know about the importance of hiring professionals.