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Angle Iron

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When you’re in need of some steel supply you really just want someone you can count on, someone you can rely on and that will actually deliver on what they say they can and cannot do for you. Then let me be the one that will personally recommend that you go talk to the folks over at Texas iron and metal. Texas iron and metal has been a family owned business for over seventy five years, it was founded by Max Moore whom from the back of his truck brought up this company from the ground. Nowadays the company is run by Max Reichenthal who is Mr. Moore’s grandson. In the last seventy five years the Texas iron and metal name has grown into an enterprise that buys sells and delivers steel and metal products all across the united states.

Texas iron and metal has a great and varied selection of steel and metal product that selection is as follows;  angle irons, channel steel, UM plates, wide flange beams, standard I-beam, round bars (CR and HR), all sorts of piping, square and rectangular tubing, plates of steel, Sheet metal, floor plates, bar gratings, expanded metal, rebar, hex bars, tees, flanges, pipe fittings, welding wires and welding rods. remember these are guaranteed in stock in prime and less than prime quality steel but the selection may be wider due to the nature of how they acquire their surplus material. They acquire their surplus steel by buying from old or abandoned projects from around the area so that they can get some slightly older maybe minimally lower quality steel product but in doing this they can guarantee that the prices that you will be given are much lower than the price for the prime steel product always on hand. These products for the most part can be acquired in a wide array of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and other metal products.

The folks at Texas Iron and Metal will deliver anywhere in the continental united states as well as have same day pickup for anyone in the Houston area, there are also some special promotions available for anyone who happens to be in the Houston area, there is a promotion that if you buy an order that is over four hundred dollars then you do not pay for delivery fee. At Texas iron and metal they will also cut and shape the steel product or metal product that you are purchasing to fit your needs and specifications at no extra charge, this coincidentally also makes it easier to transport the pieces so don’t be afraid to ask.

The angle iron is one the most versatile pieces of metal that is sold at Texas iron and metal because the iron angle can be used for so many different things. It’s structurally sound due to the angular shape that it holds making it able to stand much higher amounts of pressure that any straight bar version. So if you need some angle irons or any type of steel really you should contact Texas iron and metal.