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Are You Aware About Different Types Of Home Care Services?

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Are You Aware About Different Types Of Home Care Services?

Nowadays there are many different types of home health care services available for aged, disabled and various other kinds of citizens who cannot take care of themselves. Depending upon the conditions and situation of the patients suitable medical services are offered to such people. The kind of care needed for individual will be determined by the doctor.

Following are few in home care services available for people of the America.

  • Doctor care

Any qualified doctor may visit you periodically to check and diagnose the condition of the patient to provide necessary treatment. Depending upon the condition of patient, doctors can also review the healthcare needs of patient.

  • Nursing care

This is most common home care service that many patients may need and also the nursing care will vary according to needs of the patient. Nursing care will be depending upon the advice of the doctor. Nursing care may include dressing of wound, intravenous therapy, administering of medicines, monitoring of patient’s condition, providing various health supports etc.

  • Helping to learn life skill/speech therapy

Many patients need to relearn their various routine activities and also improve their speech after prolong illness. Therapist may visit the patient to make them learn various life skills which they need to relearn because of their present physical conditions. Speech therapist can help the patient to improve their speech quality so that they can communicate effectively.

  • Medical social service

Many social service organizations also take up such services in order to provide help to various patients who cannot afford expensive medical or nursing services for them. They can also make special arrangement for the treatment of the patient if the condition of the patient has gone really very serious.


  • Companionship

Some patient particularly among aged people, need companionship at home as their own family members must be too busy with their business or profession. In some cases companions also need to do many of household works too.

  • Basic home making assistance

Many patients due to prolonged illness cannot do many of their home making activities. They need support for their household work, shopping, laundry, meal preparation and many other housekeeping activities.

  • Pharmaceutical services

For many patients the medicines and little other medical equipment need to be delivered at their home. The patient may also need proper training about using of the equipment or the way the medicines are to be taken.

  • Transportation

Numbers of companies provide transportation services to patients to carry and brought back from hospitals.