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Manufactured stone veneer is an important item for both interior and exterior design. When you seen building with appealing stone facing, you may not know if it is manufactured or real stone: that is the point. Manufactured stone is almost impossible to distinguish from real stone due to its craftsmanship and top quality.

It is developed through a process which gives it the appearance and feel of a natural stone. Manufactured stone veneer is free from all the difficulties which real stones have.

Natural stone is the densest material which can be used for things such as house exterior and interior design. The weight poses problems, one of which is that you cannot put real stone on the interior wall or the outside of a house. A concrete base will be required to support the weight of the stone and provide the right surface for it to stabilize.

Extra weight is further added by the concrete base, hence to use it on an accent or interior wall you have to ensure that the floor and wall can withstand its weight. Just using brick veneer on a fireplace can imply reinforcing the floor or at worst realizing that it is not safe to do so because it cannot be properly reinforced for some reason.

Manufactured stone veneer can be used without worrying about these problems. Its weight is far less than that of natural stone. No structural change is required to use it on a fireplace.

Just like real stone, it is non combustible hence it is very safe for use. There is no need for a concrete backing or base to use manufactured stone veneer outside or inside. It can be installed on almost every surface. This reduces the prep time and weight hence installation cost less and takes less time.

Apart from the reduced cost, you will have a final look of natural, real stone that can deceive anyone. You don’t have to worry about your fireplace, facing, accent interior wall looking cheap or fake. With the assorted styles and colors of manufactured stone veneer in existence nowadays, you can have the appearance of almost any kind of natural stone you need at a well reduced rate.

Smooth river stone, rough-hewn stone and many other alternatives are available in different shades to work with your sense of style and suit your décor. You can either chose one of the various styles that will work will with your current decor or you can design around the elegant manufactured stone veneer you choose.

The appearance of stone speaks of quality and will increase the aesthetic value of your home together with its real value. Stone is not just a trend or a fad, it has been in use in home design right from ancient times and will never look dated, old or go out of style.

The series for Shouldice Designer Stone is offered at an affordable price, the rugged and natural beauty of split stone. The range of shapes, sizes and colors will ravish even the most meticulous of tastes. These include, MJ Stone, Estate Stone, Antique Stone, Saratoga Stone, Shale Stone Q stone and Newport Stone.

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