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Benefits of Solar Window Film

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There are a number of benefits to solar window film, an enticing and forward thinking product that encourages businesses to be environmentally aware, and friendly, in a way that saves money in a number of ways, and benefits a company in a few ways you wouldn’t have considered.

Block Harmful UV Rays to Prevent Fading

Energy saving window film is designed and developed as a way of helping to control and block harmful UV rays from penetrating through windows and over time damaging property and equipment within premises. The countering and rejection of UV rays slows down the natural process of the fading of furniture and other surfaces that have been sat in view of natural light for long periods of time. It is for this reason that solar window film is popular within institutions such as galleries and museums, where it is important to protect the integrity of art pieces and antiques of historical importance.

Reduce Glare

Another reason solar window film is a popular product used within businesses is that it acts to reduce glare. For home or business use a solar window film will help to diminish glare, reflecting light rays so family or staff members can watch TV or use their computer screens without worrying, especially on south facing properties. Glare on a computer screen is an annoyance that can have a severe impact on the productivity of a workforce if not corrected. Blinds can be expensive and awkward to be fitted and maintained, whilst solar window film offers a long-term cost effective and practical solution.

Cost Effective Energy Use – Control Room Temperature

The window film used for energy saving purposes not only helps to reduce glare on the window but also allows control over the temperature of a building and the staff inside, in both warm and cold weather. The reflecting film applied to the window surface insulates the windows. For staff members in the workplace if they are too hot it can impact on morale and productivity. If a room is suffering from high temperatures staff can become uncomfortable, frustrated and tired during the day. It might hinder necessary communication between colleagues. Offices with large windows can suffer from the greenhouse effect, and window film can help control the temperature and cool things down. This offers a considerable saving in energy bills, especially if a company requires air conditioning in the hot summer months. Over the long-term this can have a huge positive impact on the global footprint of a company

Increase Safety and Security

There is another benefit to solar window film that might not have been immediately apparent; it is a great way to add to the security of a business. It is possible to purchase a thicker variation of solar window film that once applied to a window strengthens it and protects against break-ins. The extra thickness acts as a support to glass that has been smashed, keeping the glass together and preventing splintering. This both slows down a break-in, deterring burglars, and helps to reduce the possibility of injury to those inside a building should a glass be smashed during working hours.