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Best Kitchen Designs to Suit your Taste for Luxury

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Best Kitchen Designs to Suit your Taste for Luxury

The kitchen has been heart of the home for several homemakers. Consequently, people would not shy away from spending plenty of money on redesigning their kitchen area. They would invest largely in technology and innovative appliances made available in the market that would add to the kitchen refurbishing cost.

Harvey Jones, Bespoke kitchens specialists would provide you with some of the best kitchen additions that would make your kitchen a class apart from the rest.

Wine Coolers

In case, you were a wine enthusiast or party host, it would be imperative that you adorn your kitchen with wine coolers and fridges. They encompass humidity controls along with UV protected glass doors for adequate protection from natural sunlight. The independent controlled temperature zones would enable you to cool red and white wines at different temperatures.

You could choose wine coolers for £100. However, if you were looking for elegant and more storage capacity along with state of the art technology, you should look forward to investing somewhere from £800 to £3000.

Coffee machines

You could make the most of great quality coffee from the comfort of your home. You would come across several state of the art machines having touch screen and Bluetooth features. It would help you make your morning coffee from the convenience of your bed with the help of your phone. A majority of coffee machines would come within your budget range. However, some models could be largely expensive ranging up to £15,000.


When purchasing a refrigerator, you would have the options of choosing a stand-alone fridge freezer model or having an in-built model. The cost of the refrigerator could range from £1,000 to £3,000.

Hot water taps

They would be perfect accessory to your kitchen design. The price of the taps would be dependent on the design, finish, tank and any additional accessory you look forward to accompany it.