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Cedar Wood – A Preferred Building Material for Many Homeowners

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Cedar Wood – A Preferred Building Material for Many Homeowners

Cedar trees have developed self-protective qualities which let them fend off rot, temperature-related stresses and insects. Because of this cedar wood is quite useful for building homes where temperature, cracking and humidity issues are common. Western Red Cedar is a preferred kind of cedar and the best one for home siding. It is available in various grades of quality that range from heartwood or clear to knotty. Whether you are looking to get rough cedar lumber or the smooth type, read on to know why cedar is a perfect building material.

Benefits of Cedar Lumber

  • Stable Dimension. Cedar wood does not change its dimension or size regardless of weather conditions. A lot of kinds of wood tend o warp when moisture is present; however, cedar remains flat and straight. This makes it the best material for house siding.

A lot of clear cedar wood products can be painted and stained and still retain their grained look. Also, when painted cedar siding can maintain a grain texture with an impressive color.

  • Light and Porous. Cedar has a high insulating value. Because it is porous, it can absorb noise which makes it useful for siding and fencing. Also, cedar wood is a sophisticated kind of housing finishing product which lasts for years. Compared with other woods, it can withstand moisture, rot and insect damage.

Building Products Made from Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is used in a lot of building products such as siding, shingles, decking, doors, sheds, fencing and a lot more. As a decking lumber, its quality can be compared with spruce and pine. It is possible to leave cedar products without paint or finishing applied on them, although they should be periodically maintained. Also, cedar can be made into a pressure treated lumber.

Cedar wood is also used in house moulding and trimming. For this purpose, the wood can be used with a stained finish, painted or primed. Other kids of siding attempt to imitate the properties of cedar; however, the latter stands out in terms of texture and grain as well as ability to retain fasteners.

Why Homeowners Prefer Cedar Siding

Home siding made from cedar is primed under temperature and humidity-controlled conditions. For homeowners, this means a house siding which matches the exterior style of their homes which let them enjoy an improved installation. Many cedar sidings are applied with alkyd oil-based primer as the main coat.