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Common Boiler-Related Problems You Should Know About

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The boiler is an essential home appliance that is used for heating up the water. Boilers are available in several different sizes and tankless versions are also pretty popular nowadays. Since these are such important appliances, you must learn how to maintain them properly. If you don’t maintain the boiler, it will continue causing problems for you throughout its lifespan. From time to time, you might face certain problems that will be hard to trace and fix. Instead of tampering with the boiler yourself, it’s much better if you call a professional for the job. Here are a few common boiler-related problems that you should know about.

No Hot Water or Heat

The most common boiler-related issue is obvious: the boiler stops heating up the water. Considering that the boiler’s only purpose is to heat up the water, you can expect that there’s something majorly wrong if the boiler stops heating up the water. However, this problem may be caused due to a variety of different reasons. It may be a broken airlock, a damaged diaphragm, or a failure of the motorised valves that control the boiler’s pressure. Similarly, low water levels (caused due to a blockage in the pipes) may also lead to low hot water in the boiler. You might want to call a professional that offers boiler repair in Cardiff to fix the problem. Due to the potential number of causes that may lead to this problem, it’s best not to meddle with the boiler yourself.

Leakage or Dripping

If there’s major leakage in the boiler’s tank or constant dripping from any of the connecting pipes, you may want to call a boiler repair technician to replace the pipes. It’s important that high-quality pipes are installed with the boiler because the temperature of the water inside can get pretty high. Similarly, if there’s leakage in the tanks, the only safe solution is to replace the tank altogether. Keep in mind that this will cost you a considerable amount of money, depending upon the size of the tank you choose.

Banging or Gurgling Noises

If you can hear banging or gurgling noises from within the boiler, shut it down immediately and call a boiler repair technician. These noises may be caused by a broken part within the boiler. Keeping it turned on could just worsen the problem. Stop using the boiler right away and turn off all connected valves. The boiler repair technician will probably drain all of the water from the tanks before attempting any repair work.

These are just a few common boiler-related problems that you should know about at home.