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Decorating the Door Sidelights With Curtains

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Curtains can be used in any room within the home and they are very versatile pieces of decorative window treatments. They can be bought ready-made or custom made for your home. Ready-made curtains are obviously cheaper as they are manufactured for retail stores on a massive scale. Most ready-made curtains are manufactured overseas in country around Asia and imported into the United States. Custom made curtains will more than likely be designed and manufactured within the United States and will take longer to ship to your home.

Areas within your home that you may want to have custom curtains made are the sidelights within the entrance. These are the two narrow, rectangular windows on either side of the door. Sometimes these windows use frosted and you may not want to have sidelight curtains installed. Even though you may have frosted sidelight windows, you may want to decorate them anyway to match the color scheme used within the entranceway. These curtains can also help to maintain your privacy within the home if these windows use plain glass.

Some homeowners have furniture items within the entrance way. These furniture items could be benches, cloak racks or even an upholstered chair. To prevent direct sunlight from damaging these items, you can install sidelight blinds or curtains to block the damaging UV rays. If you still want to keep a certain amount of light within the entranceway, you could use sheer or semi-sheer curtains. They are a thin fabric that provides the privacy you want, but still allow enough light into the room.

It is important to keep in mind that certain sidelights are very narrow and sometimes you cannot find a blind that will fit into the space. Blinds are also much more expensive to buy and to have fitted by a professional as well. Curtains are relatively easy to fit yourself and very cheap to buy. Sidelights are normally overlooked when it comes to decorating the home, now is the opportunity to further enhance your interior.