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Do it Like the Danes: How to Restyle your Home the Hygge Way

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Do it Like the Danes: How to Restyle your Home the Hygge Way

It is often not hard to spot a Scandinavian and especially a Danish person, as they seem to be regularly wearing a big smile and enjoying what family life has to offer, so what is it that seems to create this almost continual feelgood factor?

The short answer to that question is Hygge, which is a lifestyle concept that many Danes fully embrace, including styling their home as well their outlook the Hygge way.

Here is a look at how you could restyle your home in the Danish way to feel the benefits of Hygge, such as tips on creating the scent of happiness, a more natural lighting solution, plus a way to connect with nature indoors.

Get cozy and be happy

The Hygge lifestyle concept is all about creating a cozy atmosphere in your home as part of your desire to stay happy and live an enjoyable and rewarding family life.

Interestingly, there is no specific way to actually practice Hygge but a translation of the word tells you what the idea is all about, as the Danish word means achieving a quality of coziness and comfort that helps to engender a general sense of wellbeing and contentment.

It is not a new craze as the Danes have been practicing Hygge since the 1950’s, but it is an idea that has gained popularity around the globe as people seek to emulate a concept that seems to work so well for these Scandinavian people.

Candles are part of the recipe for Hygge success

If you want one object or accessory that is closely associated with Hygge the universal answer will almost certainly be candles.

When you are searching for items for your home on a site like AJ Madison that can help enhance your comfort and lifestyle don’t forget also to add candles to your shopping list.

The Danes burn an enormous amount of candles every year but they are particularly keen on keeping it natural so if you want to emulate them in the Hygge way keep it organic, with natural candles and nothing that has the obvious whiff of an artificial scent.

Let there be light

Lighting is so important in your home and it can make or break the ambiance, which is why the Danes consider the use of lamps as an important part of what Hygge is all about.

The fact that the Danes describe optimal lighting as ‘hyggelig’, which is an adjective term of Hygge, tells you how integral lighting is to the idea of creating a homely atmosphere. Lighting is used as a way of resembling the naturalistic warmth that you feel when looking at an open flame or a sunset, so anything fluorescent or too bright won’t fit the bill when you are using lighting to enjoy a true Hygge experience in your home.

Have fun with foliage

You have probably got the idea by now that Hygge is all about trying to connect with the feeling of nature in your home as a way of inducing a relaxed ambiance in your home, so it makes sense that the Danish people are also big nature fans.

Bring nature into your home with some well-chosen houseplants and it will work to make you feel more at one with the natural world and can also offer benefits to your health at the same time.

Once you start looking into what’s behind Hygge you quickly appreciate why the Danes always seem to be so contented, so aim to bring that simple but effective concept into your family home.