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Do You Know What Size Skip You Need?

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Hiring a skip is something that takes a bit of consideration. After all, you do not want to hire too big of a skip as you will waste your money. On the other hand, if the skip is too small in size, you may have to hire another skip, which will add to the expense. That is why it is important to know the various skip sizes before you make a decision to hire the containers.

Small Skips for Garden Clearances

Small skips are four cubic yards in size. This type of skip is often used for kitchen or bath remodels or jobs where small doors, cabinets, or hardware may need to be disposed of. You can also use this size skip for garden clearances and other small do-it-yourself projects.

A Small Builder’s Skip

Six cubic yard skips are also referred to as builder’s skips or, more precisely, a small builder’s skip. This type of skip is the ideal solution for hauling waste such as roof tiles, soil, bricks, and plasterboards. The small builder’s skip is used for clearances that feature weightier items. It is normally employed for small building projects or refurbishments.

A Large Builder’s Skip

The large builder’s skip is eight cubic yards in size. This bigger skip offers a solution for disposing of a mix of heavier materials. This is the largest-sized skip used for getting rid of heavy debris.

Storing or Removing Hazardous Materials

If you wish to store hazardous waste such as refrigerators or asbestos, you first need to check the legislation with respect to disposal. You also need to contact the skip hire company about what you are planning to remove.

Maxi Skips

Twelve cubic yard skips are also called maxi skips. These types of skips are ideal for performing clearances from offices and large homes. This type of skip provides more height and volume than a large-sized builder’s skip. By using this skip, you can get rid of multiple types of large items.

Does the Skip Hire Company Offer Recycling?

When you check out the services for waste disposal equipment in Northamptonshire, you want to make sure that you work with a company that features on-site recycling. By providing a comprehensive recycling service, the company ensures that any collected waste is recycled when feasible.

Clearance Tools

It is also in your best interest to use a skip hire company that offers the tools that you need to complete a clearance. Tools of this type include excavators, loading shovels, and breakers. In addition, the skip hire provider that you use should also feature waste disposal alternatives such as tipper truck rentals. This type of truck can be used to remove the waste from a residence or for clearing a commercial site.

18-Tonne Road Sweepers

Lorries are also provided for clearing and cleaning in the form of 18-tonne road sweepers. This type of lorry is ideal for cleaning a large building site. You can hire this type of truck for a day or seven days, depending on the amount of road cleaning that is required.