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Eco-Friendly Living: Tips to Decrease Energy Use at Home

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Eco-Friendly Living: Tips to Decrease Energy Use at Home

Most people want their homes to be a little more eco-friendly, according to a survey. The problem is that this way of living is relatively new and many do not know what to do. The following are a few tips to help you on your green journey. This should help decrease energy use in your home.

Use Ceiling Fans

You may not think that ceiling fans can do much in a home, but they can. Your AC is pumping a lot of cooled air into your home as it attempts to maintain the temperature you want. This means air needs to circulate through the rooms before the AC shuts off when it reaches the desired temperature.

Ceiling fans are there to help circulate the air throughout the home. This means your AC will not have to stay on so long, which can save energy. It is a simple way to be a little greener. Keep in mind that there are updated ceiling fans that are more eco-friendly than regular ones as they use less power. You can find these options online or at some home improvement retail stores.

Dryer Maintenance

The truth is that your dryer will probably keep working even if you have not maintained it as you should, but issues may be brewing underneath. The dryer vent could be accumulating more and more lint without you even noticing. This is problematic because it ends up making your dryer work harder than it needs to, which ends up using more energy than it needs to.

This makes dryer vent cleaning Phoenix vital if you want to make your home a little greener. It should be noted that keeping your vent clean also helps reduce the chances of fire. Yes, lint is very flammable, and an electrical spark could lead to a fire, so this is a good idea for a number of reasons.

Inspect the Refrigerator Door

One thing that is often overlooked is a refrigerator door that does not close properly. It is hard to notice sometimes because your food is still cool and people simply don’t check to see that the door is closing as it should. The door could be ajar for a number of reasons, like there may be something stuck in the refrigerator door. It could also mean that the edge of the door is too dirty, making it hard for the door to stay shut.

What you want to do is simply check the door from time to time, and make sure that it is closed all the way. Be sure to talk to the whole family about this. Failing to keep the door shut can make your fridge work harder and use up more energy than it needs to. It also overworks your fridge’s motor, which could diminish its lifespan.

Of course, these are just some of the things that can make your home a little more eco-friendly. You can also have a full inspection done by an energy expert to see if other aspects of your home can be improved.