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Eight Reasons to Leave Home Cleaning to Pros

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Our mission is to clean!

As life gets busy, it becomes difficult to find time to clean your home. Although the task is in your to-do-list, it is often pushed to the bottom whenever something else comes up. Cleaning your house takes time and energy. Between work, family and other responsibilities, housekeeping can be tough to fit in. And if you are able to clean, it seems that you can’t achieve the cleanliness you desire.

Because of the cost involved in hiring a professional cleaning service, many homeowners prefer to do the cleaning themselves. But they fail to realize what they miss if they don’t let an expert in house cleaning Portland Oregon do the job for them.  Below are the main reasons why you should leave the cleaning to professionals.

Professionals Have the Knowledge and Experience

You probably know some basics for keeping your home clean on the surface. But, professional cleaners know exactly where dirt and germs are likely to hide. For instance, door handles, toilet handles, and dusty baseboards are usually forgotten. But expert cleaners know where they should disinfect and clean your house with precision. The hands of professional cleaners don’t go easy on what’s not pleasant to the eyes.

They are Equipped with the Right Tools and Supplies

Although you have experienced cleaning your house for a few times, you did not undergo special training like carpet, window and surface cleaning training. Nobody can do a perfect cleaning like a pro. Cleaning professionals make use of necessary equipment to get their job done effectively and promptly. They know which cleaning solutions to use to ensure the safety and health of the people in your family. Rather than wiping countertops and tables with disinfecting wipes, professional cleaners use special cleaning solutions which dissolve the germs specific to your home.

They Know How that Bathroom Cleaning is More than Just Mopping

Did you know that the bath/shower is supposed to be scrubbed every couple of weeks and your toilet once every week? Bathroom cleaning also involves wiping out faucets and sinks with cleaners, scrubbing counters, cleaning mirrors, sweeping and mopping the floor and ensuring the wastepaper basket is empty. While you can do some of these tasks in between cleaning services, just imagine how nice it would be to have the shower walls scrubbed by pros.

They Can Give your Home Spotless Floors

Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming are not enough if you want ultraclean floors. And whether you have hardwood, carpet, linoleum or tile, it is important that your floors are thoroughly cleaned at least once every week to remove dirt that has accumulated every day. Again, even if you can do this yourself, the question is: Can you really do it efficiently?

They Will Do the Cleaning Better than you

Although you might be a mopping or dusting expert, the truth is that there are probably things you are not good at such as vacuuming under the bed or don’t enjoy doing. And because you don’t enjoy the task, you choose to put it off. However, professionals do the best at their job so you get what you pay for.

They Can Maintain your Biggest Investment

Maintaining the surfaces of your home is important to maintain its overall value. It is necessary to clean your furniture, tiles, baseboards, walls, built-ins and countertops on a regular basis to stay fresh. Allowing dirt and oils to build up on such surfaces for a long time will cause to carry out serious actions like sanding and refinishing to fix the damage. Failing to maintain your home and its content properly puts you at risk of incurring higher costs for replacement or repair later on. Having them cleaned by professionals will prevent wear and tear from progressing.

They Value your Time

Professional home cleaners provide customized cleaning for a reasonable charge and time. For less than the money you spend on sodas every month, you would be able to get that time back. In case you typically spend your weekend cleaning, just consider how you could spend that weekend when it is free. Hiring an expert cleaning service allows you the time you can spend for yourself and your family.

They Allow you to Set a Consistent Cleaning Schedule

There are many reasons why your schedule is jam-packed. When it comes to cleaning your house yourself, the task is often put off for tomorrow. Using a home cleaning service allows you to schedule the cleaning at a time that is convenient to you. You can pick the frequency based upon your needs. The majority of professional cleaners provide discounts for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings.

A spotless house tends to feel ten times better if somebody else cleans it. There is nothing better than walking into an impeccable space and knowing that rather than dealing with never-ending chores, you can just relax in your sanctuary with peace of mind.