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Everything You Need to Know About Moving Your Piano from Home

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When was the last time that you moved your piano? Most people don’t ever move their pianos because pianos are both heavy and fragile. If your piano has been sitting in the same room for years, you might be concerned about what to do when it’s time to move to a new home. You need to figure out the best way to move your piano without breaking it or injuring yourself.

Pianos Are Fragile

If you don’t know much about pianos, there are a lot of moving parts inside of a piano that you should know about. A piano is essentially a giant harp. It has hundreds of strings inside. Each of these strings need to be perfectly tuned so that the piano plays well. When a piano gets moved, it could go out of tune. The strings can get exposed to new weather changes and go out of tune and could even break due to pressure or bumps in the truck during a move. Pianos also have pedals that you can press with your feet. These pedals control the piano functions but they’re fragile and easy to break when moving.

Pianos Are Heavy

Did you know that pianos can weigh more than 180 kg on average? If you have an upright piano, which is essentially a piano that stands upright, it probably weighs around 180 kg. However, grand pianos are even heavier. With this much weight, it’s very easy to hurt yourself attempting to lift it and move it into a moving truck. Even if you don’t injure your back trying to lift the piano, you could still drop it on the way to the truck and risk breaking the entire piano. Pianos are not cheap; if you break it, you might have to buy another one, but you might not be able to find your exact model of piano ever again.

Is There a Better Solution?

Rather than attempting to lift the piano on your own, you should hire a removal company that specialises in moving pianos. These removalists are experts when it comes to moving pianos and they know exactly how fragile and heavy pianos can be. When you hire a removal company to move your piano for you, you don’t have to worry about breaking the piano by trying to move it on your own. You don’t have to worry about injuring yourself, either, because you won’t have to try to lift the piano on your own.

How to Find a Piano Removal Company

Finding any removal company can be challenging and it’s even harder to find a trustworthy company that can move your piano safely without breaking it. Removal companies vary when it comes to prices and some of them won’t even tell you how much they’re going to charge you until they’ve already moved your piano. You should check out a website such as www.buzzmove.com/piano-movers where you can enter information about your moving project so that you can be matched with an affordable high-quality removal team that can help you move your piano.

These websites are great for finding removal companies because you can get free quotes on the spot and you never have to worry abou