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Few Popularized Styles of Architectural Designs for Your Home

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As there are multiples of architectural designs well popularised and equally excel in elegancy, often while building home, individuals get totally confused which of the designs will be best to suit their preferences. Hence the need to clearly identify the varied house styles becomes essential.

Here are few lines about exclusive styles of home plans:

  • Cape God style: One of the most common American styles having a main door in between side long panelled windows. Its older design mainly built to keep interior space safe from the blowing gales of Atlantic Ocean.
  • Colonial revival: It is influenced by Georgian style of houses, having central hall way opening to other part of house. The ancient design floor plans are mostly in rectangular shape and the broad roofs are Gambrel in shape. The best pro of this style of house are you can join in additional rooms without jeopardizing the appearance of the main part of building.

  • Gothic revival: The unique features of this style are its pointed arches, its exclusive wooden work done on the home galleries and the stylish broad floors.
  • Shingle style: An elegant looking porch between lustrous garden and turreted tower and the whole home gives an appeal of old look weather beaten cedar shake.
  • Second empire style: This style offers combo plan of both ancient and modern design of architect. The med vertical slopes of the roof perfect to add rooms for storage.
  • Italianate style: Its unique features are its exclusively designed window caps and introduction of slender sizes of long panelled windows. The style suits all kind of interior decors without any issues of mismatch with home furniture.
  • Spanish style: The most appealing feature is its red tiles roof and elegant look of its parapets. Most of the American stylish homes have low ceiling roofs along patched up with red tiles looking like a country landscape.

  • Prairie style: It is a boost of an open floor plan able to accumulate multiple of side rooms, a huge hall and stylish outer rooms like garage, green room and even small stylish home for servants which add appealing look to the main part of the house.
  • Tudor revival: Best style for farm houses as it constructed mainly of wood. Massive door and long chimney are its unique features.

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