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Finding The Perfect Louvre Roof Builder To Improve Your Outdoor Living Area

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Louvre roofs provide protection, shade and warmth. By reinventing the traditional louvred window, the same principles have been applied in a roof system. The louvred roof is ideal for all types of entertaining areas — such as pools; decks; spas; and, BBQ areas. With the actual louvres being able to open 180 degrees and suitable for flat or pitched roofs, the benefits to homeowners and families are enormous.

Benefits of a Louvre Roof

Winter: During the colder months, louvres can be fully opened to allow direct sunlight and warmth to enter the space.

Summer: In the hotter parts of the year, louvres can be partially or fully closed to block out the sun and allow ventilation to enter and exit.

Rain: Louvres can be fully closed to prevent rain from entering.

UV light: By being able to block out the harsh UV light in summer, you’re not only protecting yourself and your family, but outdoor furniture can also be protected.

Louvre Roofs: Supply, Design and Installation

Because no two louvred roof is generally the same, professional roofing providers typically provide an in-house drafting service. Specialist roofing suppliers can design, supply and install louvre roofs; to find out what options are available to you look for well-known roofers and businesses like louvre roof specialists in Sydney, Sunscreen Patios & Pergolas and ask for a consultation with a specialist provider.

Louvre Roof Materials


Louvred roofs can be made from anodised or powder coated aluminium. This makes them incredibly tough and resistant to weathering. They can be coated in almost any colour to match your home and are lightweight.


Another type of louvred roof is made from steel. Typically manufactured from Colorbond steel, these have all the excellent qualities that this material provides (such as fire, rot and termite resistant). They also come with guttering systems, ensuring that rain runoff does not produce flooding or structural damage.


Available in a UV treated translucent material, this type of louvred roof still allows filtered light to enter the space when the louvres are in a closed position. This is ideal for those rainy days.

Manual and automated

Louvres can be manual or electronic. They can be operated by remote (i.e. wireless) and also come with the option of an automatic rain sensor — perfect for those sprinkles when you’re not around.

Existing or new structure

An existing structure can be adapted to fit a louvred roof, such as converting a timber pergola or a concrete frame. Alternatively, you can have the roof built from scratch.