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Four Awesome Benefits of our Timber Windows

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If you are looking to carry out a home improvement project, build a new house or just looking to the future, you will want to use the best products which will keep your home protected from the elements. Ranebrook Windows works with timber, which is one of the most amazing products of nature. Timber has been known for its durability and beauty. Allow us to walk you through the many benefits of having windows made from this awesome gift of nature.

They Tend to Last

We construct our wooden windows and frames from engineered timber. We want to ensure that the beauty of real wood is retained while protecting it from moisture. We laminate several layers to create a real wood product which with stronger sections. The production of multi-layered timber is carried out by joining wood sections together to come up with a piece of durable and strong timber.

They can Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

We construct our timber windows to make sure that any weak points between the frames and the glass are protected with contemporary manufacturing techniques and materials. We have varying colors available to cater both interior and exterior needs.

They Offer Efficient Insulation

To achieve a high performing double glazing rating, we make use of innovating warm space bars and top glass products for a high insulation level. We want to help our customers eliminate draughts and reduce their heating bills. Our modern sash windows provide the original beauty and charm of timber sashes with all the exquisite advances in window performance and design. We build timber sash windows that provide the best of both worlds without compromising an important feature.

They are Made to Meet the Demands of Modern Users

We build energy-efficient and environment-friendly doors and windows that don’t require expensive maintenance. They are designed to offer maximum performance and security. Our wooden windows will improve the look of our client’s home, minimize their energy costs and add value to their home.

Our glazing solution plays an important role in window efficiency. This is the reason we provide a range of options to fit your requirements. You can be sure that our solutions surpass the country’s current building regulations and have more-than-the-ideal U-values. Our company has been manufacturing and supplying high-performance timber woods and doors for a lot of years. We offer high-quality single-glazed, double-glazed, triple-glazed sash windows, patio door and casement windows.