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Here’s A Gist of Various Staircase Designs for Your Home

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Steel is one the most popular materials, which are used for creating staircases. Due to its structural properties, the stairs so created have very elegant design with a slim look. Additionally, steel being recyclable and long-lasting, the staircases so formed aren’t harmful to the environment.

Benefits of Steel Staircase

  • Cheaper

Steel is cheaper as compared to the other materials, which are used for making staircases. Therefore, one can design beautiful staircases in affordable price.

  • Versatility

Besides being affordable, the versatility of steel makes it easier for one to create various finishing and styles. There are various types of styles which one can find in the market. All you need is to pick the suitable one for your furnishings. However, it’s important that you enlighten yourself with required steel staircase details before proceeding for finalization of the project.

Steel Staircase Designs

  • Straight Design

These are one of the most widespread and common among all designs. The popularity of this design is due to its simplicity and functionality. A straight staircase poses no issues with the corners and is very convenient to travel.

  • Winder

Typically, these staircases turn at 180 or 90 degrees. Besides this, these staircases lead to more ornate designs and employ flowing lines. Such staircases promote continual travel and are one of the most safe stair designs.

       You can either go for double winder staircase design which turns at 180 degrees or single winder staircases design which turn at 90 degrees. Either type of the design is less space occupying and smoother.

  • Quarter Landing Stairs

Just like single winders, these staircases turn 90 degrees, but like straight design, these staircases don’t have any curved steps. In place of curved steps, these staircases have a flat landing, which decreases the number of stairs, thereby making it more convenient for a person to walk.

  • Half Landing Stairs

Just like double winder, this staircase design takes a turn of 180 degrees. Such a turn ensures that the walking on it is convenient, functional and safer. The landing of this design divides the staircase in two parts, thereby making steps in each flight comparatively shorter.

  • Spiral Stairs

These staircases are also curved, however the arc formed here is comparatively tighter usually coming out to be 360 degrees. These staircases are the best to be placed in tight places.

These are the various types of staircases available in the market.