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Hookless Shower Curtains are a Much Better Option

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As bathrooms become more and more of a design showplace, many are opting for a hookless shower curtain to achieve a more modern aesthetic.  Paired with a curved shower rod, the look becomes even more upscale. The hookless shower curtain works by employing large grommets through which the shower rod is fed. Top curtains will also be all-in-one with no need for a curtain liner.

Like their hooked cousins, hookless shower curtains come in any and all color or pattern imaginable. As hookless curtains are the choice of more modern consumers, the usual palettes are muted, and patterns lean more toward large, graphic designs, or color blocks. Color matching towels, bath mats, and accessory soaps complete the look, with the hookless curtain as the centerpiece of the room.

Bathroom decor has evolved quite a lot in the past decades, with the room often becoming an extension of either the master suite, or other adjoining bedrooms. In order to carry the same style into the bathroom, be sure to define the desired overarching style before beginning. Tile will be the most impactful, and permanent design element of the bathroom, and once that decision has been made, the other factors can easily fall into place. After tiling, paint color choice is the next step. Be certain to use a mildew resistant paint that will withstand the warm and moist environment. Bathroom fixtures usually work best in neutral colors that complement the tile work. Black is, surprisingly, a difficult color to keep clean and has a tendency to lend a dated look to the bathroom. White fixtures bring a fresh and bright aspect to the room, while colored fixtures in a light palette can bring a subtle design element. Lighting is the final of the “big” decisions to choose, and there are several different styles from which to choose. Hollywood lights around the mirror lends a classic look, or for a more unexpected vibe, try a chandelier.

Once the tile, wall treatment, lighting, and fixtures have been decided upon, the fun can begin! The best thing about decorating a bathroom is the ability to rotate different accessories to completely alter the entire look. Sink top cups, soap dishes, and toothbrush stands are just a few of the small touches that can make a big impact. Throw in shower curtains, rugs, and towels, and the look is complete. By mixing and matching complementing colors and textiles, the bathroom can become a showcase of design. And even more fun, buy a couple of versions of each small accessories to change the room’s entire look, When you are putting together the perfect bathroom for your home, do not go retro with the shower curtain, and be certain to choose one that is hookless in order to complete the modern aesthetic that you seek.