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How Does Your Garden Grow: Modern Tools and Apps for a Better Harvest

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It takes time and a bit of know-how to cultivate some spectacular plants and crops in your garden, but if you are missing a few links in your education how do you fill those gaps?

One way to do this would be to take advantage of modern technology and a few apps on your smartphone to give you the information and guidance you need to achieve a better harvest every time.

Here is a look at some tools and apps that could help cultivate your gardening skills as well as your crops, including a way to communicate with your plants, an almost failsafe way to cultivate herbs, and an app that tries to answer any gardening questions you have.

If only they could talk

Imagine if your plants could tell you how they are feeling and what they need to grow as healthily as possible.

Technology has yet come up with a way to get a vocal response when you talk to your plants but there is a way to give your plants a voice of sorts and tell you how it is doing. PlantLink is an interesting development as it uses a sensor that is capable of working with any plant type and when it needs some more water it will tell you.

You might think it a bit weird to get an email from your Oregano plant telling you how thirsty it is but if it takes the guesswork out of the job and improves the chance of maintaining a healthy and thriving herb, it could be a good way to interpret how your plant is feeling.

You might also want to factor in the latest weather in your area to see if the rain is going to arrive shortly, so consider downloading a weather app on the Google App store to see if nature is about to intervene and give your plants a soaking.

Hydroponic herbs

If you don’t have much in the way of garden space or just like the idea of growing some fresh herbs close to hand in the kitchen, you can take advantage of technology to get excellent growing results every time.

The indoor garden created by Herb:ie is a mixture of hydroponics and energy-efficient lighting that delivers the perfect combination of light and nutrients to encourage your herbs to thrive.

The unit looks good and the results taste good, plus you can take all the credit for producing excellent results from your window box if you want.

Mobile growing guide

If you want a handy reference to planting and growing on your smartphone the Pocket Garden app could be the answer.

You can browse through a wide range of common gardening questions and answers to some concerns that you might have and there are some useful guides to follow on when to plant, soil depth, and germination.

With the assistance of some helpful tech and useful apps, you could become a more accomplished gardener.