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How is Liquid Limestone Used in Paving?

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How is Liquid Limestone Used in Paving?

Most people have heard of limestone, but not liquid limestone. So what exactly is it, and where is it used around us? Liquid limestone is made from a combination of concrete, crushed limestone and other additives and is used mostly in the building of things like driveways, pool surrounds, and patios.

After being poured it is spread the same way as concrete, but different to concrete’s dull grey colour, liquid limestone has a lively, natural, earthy colour that not only looks good, but feels it underfoot, even in direct sunlight. Similar to concrete, when it is laid by professionals, liquid limestone can be coloured, textured and even stencilled, giving an outstanding natural paving effect at an affordable price. Priory Paving offer a range of superb professional paving solutions to suit all of your wishes and needs.

What are the Advantages of Liquid Limestone?

Natural stone pavers do look great after being laid, but will usually require some regular attention if you want them to stay that way, and that’s fine should you have the time. But, if left alone, weeds can grow in the gaps between pavers, and also ants will happily take up residence. One great thing that a lot of people like about limestone paving is that because there are no gaps in the paving,  it makes it a no go area for weeds and insects, and that goes for any personalised stencil patterns being used to make it look like there are.

Liquid Limestone’s Origin and Application

Just like its quarried counterpart, liquid limestone is porous and stains easily if not correctly sealed. To make this happen, the builder will have to make a return journey after the liquid limestone has set (usually 24 hours later) and then apply a sealant. In most cases, a water based sealer is used for a more natural looking matte effect, or a special solvent based sealer can also be used for a low-gloss finish with more effective protection. And similar to concrete, control lines are cut into liquid limestone to prohibit any cracking.

Where is Liquid Limestone Found?

There are a number of companies whose expertise is in concreting, that are adding liquid limestone to their list of services, while there are some others who specialise in liquid limestone alone. Locating a company that offers the service you require should not be too difficult, along with a wide range of other outdoor options. With the simple click of a mouse, you can easily find everything that’s out there and more. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys maintaining your outdoor space, there’s great solutions for you too!

So, if you are seeking a new good looking patio, driveway, driveway, garden path, and more, all with a safe, non-slip feel to them, you know what to do. Make your home look just the way you’ve always dreamed it could and don’t be surprised if the neighbours start talking and asking you for details on who did the job!

Great looking paving has never been easier!