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How to Clean Your Home after Water damage

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If there is excess flow of water in an unwanted place then it can create a lot of mess and damage too. It can also damage some of your valuable items and the surroundings of your home. If your carpet or some expensive furniture or any electronic item remains soaked in water for long hours, then it can damage them. In order to prevent such damages, you need to act quickly, so that you can minimize the damage to some extent.

Water can enter your room either due to sudden flood or if any of your water pipeline gets damaged accidentally. If water remains for much longer duration then it can become a breeding ground for mold. Mold will not only damage your property, but also affects the quality of air in the room, which may cause various illnesses. Therefore, you need to prevent the formation of mold at any cost. You need to take help of any professional company for water damage cleanup Ithaca NY to clean the area.

You may also call your insurance company to pay the demurrages for excess water and also follow the tips in order to minimize the damages caused by water.

  • Switch off the electric supply and disconnect all electrical/electronic items immediately. Also, move all items including furniture, carpets to some safe place. Faster you do this, better it is, as it can minimize the damage due to water. If the electronic items remain soaked with water with power on for a long time then it may permanently get damaged.



  • Try to remove the water from the area. You can do this in several ways. In case, the water is on the floor then you can mop or use towels. If the water level is pretty high then use buckets to remove it. You can either throw the water into the drain or on the lawn of your house. You can also use wet/dry vacuum, however make sure that its power must be taken from a far-away place to avoid electric shock. Removing water and drying up the area is very important.

  • Disinfect the area. After you get rid of water then you must use good disinfectant so that the area is free from any bacteria.
  • Take out the damaged item and dispose them off. If anything can be salvaged then get it salvaged in a professional manner.