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How to Keep Your Bathroom Free From Mold

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How to Keep Your Bathroom Free From Mold

Often you may find the formation of mold in your bathroom, which should be removed as soon as possible to keep the place clean. In order to remove mold, you can either use cloth or sponge and if the formation of mold is too high then it is better to use scrubbing brush to clean the surface. You can also use your old unused toothbrush to reach certain places where the brush cannot reach easily.

In order to kill mold in the bathroom you can also use the following cleaners.

  • Borax
  • Ammonia
  • Vinegar
  • Bleach

After removing the mold by using brush or sponge, you can use the above ingredient regularly so that mold formation will not occur very frequently. The actual reason for the formation of mold is due to water restoration Atlanta GA in certain places and it is essential that you must wipe all the water from the bathroom after use, so that it remains dry.

How to remove mold from Tiles

Tiles are very convenient place where mold can develop easily. Therefore, you need to scrub the tiles by brush and then wipe it with cloth. You can also apply bleach on the surface in order to kill the germs that are present in the mold.

The main reason for the development of mold in the bathroom is due to the presence of humidity in the bathroom. If water continues to flow from the basin for a long time then slowly mold formation will take place. Therefore, it is very essential to keep the bathroom in dry condition. Also water gets evaporated when the bathroom is not in use, which causes increased humidity. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the place well ventilated, so that the outside dry air can enter inside.

How to prevent the formation of mold in the bathroom

As already mentioned, it is necessary to keep the bathroom clean and dry, so that it can prevent the growth of mold. You must use at least once in a month some anti fungal solution and wipe your bathroom with this solution. You must also include the ceiling area as mold can grow over there too. You may use vinegar solution and mop the floor. You can also spray undiluted vinegar in the bathroom once in a month. It is not necessary to rinse vinegar as it will dry out naturally.