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Immediate Steps You Should Take After Water Damage at Your Premises

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The water damage is a common problem faced by both business owners and homeowners. Whether, it is from broken pipe, devastating flood or sub pump, it can happen anytime and anywhere. Hence, it is important that you prepare a plan just in case flood hits your home.

After receding of flood water and cleaning up, many people decide to go ahead with the rebuilding process. The problem however is that wood which was submerged during the flood may have absorbed huge amount of water. Rebuilding immediately after such colossal damage may cause problems such as insect infestation, mould growth, deterioration of wall coverings and wood. The flood water is not clean, so you need to replace porous materials of the building with new materials.


Steps To Be Followed After Water Damage


If you face water damage Orange, CA there are few important things to consider, as the materials and the flood water are both contaminated.

  • Flood insurance claims

If you have any kind of flood insurance, then immediately call your insurance adjuster. You can begin the salvage, drying and clean-up as soon as possible. You need to clean the house to make sure the adjuster can focus damage. You can leave your phone number so that you can be contacted when the adjuster arrives. You can contact the government offices if you need any kind of additional information.

  • Electrical systems

You need to make sure that all the gas and electric devices are turned off before you enter your premises. You should disconnect every switch and circuit. Let then dry and spray lubricant or contact cleaner. You should hire an electrician to check the underground situation before reconnecting the system.

  • Water and food sanitation

You need to purify water not only for cooking and drinking, but also for washing utensils. You can strain the water through filter or clean cloth and can boil it for a minute. Commercially prepared food in cans are safe, if you have removed the label and have washed the cans with sanitizing solution. You need to discard spoons, baby bottles, pacifiers and nipples. You should thoroughly wash ceramic pans, dishes and utensils with hot soapy water.



Take all your furniture outdoor to clean them. All the doors, drawers, and other parts need to removed and cleaned thoroughly. You can use the commercial furniture products for cleaning different types of materials. Let them dry slowly in the direct sunlight.