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Locking the Door – How to Secure Your Home with the Right Door

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Your front door is the symbol of your home and how comfortable you feel as you enter through it. Beyond your front door is sanctuary, where you can close away the outside world, relax, and not have to worry about any of the stresses and the strains of your daily working life until you choose to leave the building tomorrow. Thinking about your home security through the lens of how secure your doors are then, is an important factor when upgrading your entire home security systems.

Most burglaries take place as a result of a successful attempt to force the lock on one of the doors to a property. Perception of home burglary is that you’ll hear the smashing of glass as burglars make their way in, but much more likely is the quiet route, and ensuring that your doors are fully secure, with the right type of locks to dissuade criminals from even attempting to gain entry, is the correct approach to bolstering your home security.

Advice for Door Security

One of the first things that you can do is to make sure any potential burglars have a visible deterrent in front of them. A front door that looks secure will probably be more hassle than it’s worth for those criminals looking for a quick, quiet and painless payday.

Choose the Strongest Possible Lock

Don’t be satisfied with a bog standard lock on your front door. A five-lever mortice lock is a necessity on all external doors for many insurance companies, and if you can upgrade to the highest specification door lock that you can, it will add time and nuisance to any attempt to gain entry through that door. The stronger the cylinder, the harder it will be to snap and break the lock to enter the door unlawfully.

Bolt Up Before Bed Time

Another way in which you can add another layer of security and peace of mind is to have bolts attached to the frame of the door at both the top and bottom on the inside of the building. There are a range of bolts that can be used to secure doors, some automatically as you close them, including hinge bolts, shoot bolts and rack bolts.

Think of All Angles

A night latch is another positive addition to your basic door security, allowing you to open the door with a key from the outside and a handle on the inside. Putting the door on the latch is convenient at times, if you are in and out of the door for a short period of time. Adding a deadlock facility to your front door lock ensures that the night latch can be released from the outside, but not the inside should a burglar have smashed a side window to try and open the door from the inside.

Wherever there are special doors, such as patio and other sliding doors, be careful to add additional locks suitable for that specific type of door. It’s all about putting together a home security package that deters burglars, but doesn’t make life too difficult for you.