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Looking For A Chimney Sweep Service? Keep These 7 Pointers In Mind!

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Looking For A Chimney Sweep Service? Keep These 7 Pointers In Mind!

Yearly chimney cleaning and maintenance is more than important. Given that the job is a complicated one and requires time and considerable effort, it is always better to hire a team of professionals.  If you are looking for a reliable chimney sweep service, there are a few things that need your immediate attention. In this post, we will guide you in finding a company you can rely on.

  1. Make your list. Ask your friends, relatives, or even neighbors about the services they have used and their experience with the concerned company. You can check online to find local listings too, but do check the feedback of other customers. Most companies like Willamette Chimney have their own websites, where you can find relevant details and client testimonials.

  1. Is the company licensed? How long they have been in business? These are two other relevant questions that you must ask. Don’t be surprised to find services that don’t even have a registered office. As a rule of thumb, work with a company that has at least five years of experience in the industry.
  2. Check if their technicians are CSIA-certified. Any company that has a team of CSIA certified experts should be your priority. Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA) offers a standard training process, which is related to maintenance and repair of fireplaces, chimneys and more. Make sure that the concerned workers at your premises have the certification.

  1. Seek an estimate. If a company doesn’t offer an estimate for the job in advance, don’t work with them – simple! Ideally, chimney sweep companies send their executives to check the condition of the fireplace and chimney, and depending on the work required, they offer a quote with relevant terms and conditions.
  2. Are they insured? Workplace mishaps in the chimney sweep industry are not uncommon. You don’t want to pay for the medical bills of the workers after an accident. Make sure that the company has workers’ compensation insurance, and if possible, check if they have general liability insurance. In case any damage is caused to your home or roofing, you can get compensated.
  3. Check the terms and conditions of their services. Many companies may have a warranty on the work done, which should be discussed in detail. Also, check the kind of terms they have on the contract. Let’s assume that you are not happy with the chimney cleaning work. What steps can you possibly take in this regard? Will the company address the issue amicably?

  1. Finally, check if they are responsive. As a customer, you wouldn’t want to wait for days to get a response. Once the job has been assigned, the concerned service should be accessible at all times and should be ready to answer queries on time.

Do not miss to check if the company is a member of National Fireplace Institute (NFI). Before taking the final call, you should also ask for a few references. A chimney sweep that has been in business for more than a few years will never shy away from sharing details.