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Maintaining a Clean Hatching Environment

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Maintaining a Clean Hatching Environment

If you are the owner of a poultry farm you will understand how important it is to maintain a clean hatching environment. As the home for your chickens during their foremost development in the early part of their lives, the hygiene factors are crucial for not only the health of the chickens you farm, but also to your profits as an unhealthy farm can lead to a dramatic loss of animals due to disease and ill health.

One way in which you can ensure that your hatching environment is at the top of its game is to put together a plan of action that looks after your chicks at this crucial developmental stage of their life. Having a thorough cleaning regime that runs on a daily basis, utilising some of the best hatching disinfectants available on the market, will help you to create a hatching environment that produces healthy chicks, rather than those that don’t survive due to poor conditions and ill health. 

Keep a Lid on Diseases – With such a high number of chicks in a relatively small area, the hatching environment can be rife with potential infection and life threatening disease at a time when the chicken is most vulnerable due to its immune system still being developed. If one of your chicks becomes ill, the domino effect can be fast, spreading throughout the rest of the chicks very quickly indeed. Being able to identify this and put in place measures to prevent it is vital to a successful hatching environment.

A Thoroughly Clean Hatchery – Usual, bog standard disinfectants and cleaning products just won’t cut it when it comes to cleaning a hatchery to a suitable level of hygiene. You are best sourcing heavy-duty disinfectants, cleaning products and equipment that have been developed and tested to ensure that your hatching environment is fully sterile before any hatching takes place.

Routine Inspection and Cleaning – Although it is of course vital to ensure you have microbiological control of the hatching environment, this isn’t enough on its own. Once the chicks have been hatched there has to be a strict and regular hygiene routine put in place. You can ensure this by using the heavy-duty disinfectants we just mentioned. Once a hatchery becomes dirty it is all too quick for the water and drainage to become colonized by bacteria. 

Top of the Range Equipment – As well as the best disinfectants you should also be equipped with the right tools for the job that ensures not only a clean hatchery but also a thoroughly sterile surrounding environment, including any transportation processes. Water treatments in particular should always be kept in tip-top condition.

Working with suppliers of DEFRA approved detergents and disinfectants that have been designed to provide you with everything you need to keep a sterile hatching environment for your chicks, should be a priority for any poultry farm owner.