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Make Your Home Safer: Simple DIY Steps to Secure Your House and Yard

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Make Your Home Safer: Simple DIY Steps to Secure Your House and Yard

You always want to be able to feel safe and secure in your own home and there are a few simple steps you can take to boost your home security and give you more peace of mind that your property is not an easy target for criminals.

Here are a few pointers for simple DIY jobs that you can do to enhance your home’s security credentials, including how to deter burglars in an instant, why outside lighting is such a good idea, plus some tips on bolstering your home’s defenses.

Burglars prefer the cover of darkness

A thief might have criminal intentions when they target your home for a burglary but the vast majority of perpetrators are looking for easy pickings and to be able to enter a home without risking being seen.

As well as taking some sensible steps to make sure that a burglar doesn’t get an easy route into your home by leaving doors and windows unlocked, one of the best deterrents is to fit some outdoor lighting.

Installing movement-activated outside lighting is a real no-brainer as it will dissuade many criminals who prefer to work under the cover of darkness and definitely don’t want to be bathed in light, plus you get some useful outside lighting for added convenience when you are using your garden.

Take the time to work out where to fit the lighting for the best coverage so that there are no blind spots near windows and doors and install the lights in relatively inaccessible locations so that a burglar can’t easily remove the bulb or tamper with the wiring.

One of the best visual deterrents

Half the battle when it comes to keeping burglars away from your home is creating some visual deterrents that tell them to go and look for a property that is not so security conscious.

In addition to fitting outside lighting, one of the best ways to tell a burglar to think twice about invading your property is to install a security alarm system.

You can take a look at the various options available when you visit a site like HomeSecuritySystem.Co and you should be able to find an option that meets your requirements and your budget.

In addition to installing various sensors inside and outside of your property if a burglar sees the visual clue that you have an alarm system fitted they are highly likely to think twice about attempting a break-in.

Gates, bolts, and locks

Another worthwhile DIY project would be to repair or replace any inadequate or broken fencing, as well as making sure there enough bolts and locks to protect your property and provide the first line of defense.

Put hinges, bolts, and padlocks on the inside of gates and try to ensure that your gate is the same height as any adjoining walls or fences so that it is not easy for a burglar to scale or open from the outside.

Also, make sure you secure any outdoor buildings with a good quality padlock and consider installing a simple but effective battery operated shed alarm so that you get a warning if someone is trying to take your garden tools and other items.

It always pays to think about security around your home and these are a few simple DIY tasks that could make a big difference and reduce the chance of your home being targeted.