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Making Extra Space in the House – Your Handy Guide

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Do you often feel that your house is a mess? With shrinking size of flats and homes, most contemporary home owners are dealing with space constraints. Here are some quick ways to make some extra space in the house.

Sell the extra

Every house has a bunch of things, furniture and household goods that have never been in use. In fact, some of the things are just too old and won’t even mean anything after a few years. Instead of dumping them, you can choose to hold a yard sale to get some quick money. Apart from creating extra room in the property, you will fetch some cash, which can come handy for other purchases and investment.

Donate and donate

There is nothing as good as charity. If you are looking to dispose some of the furniture or unused appliances, you can call a local charity and get the stuff shifted. Apart from doing a noble need, you would be taking a step that will inspire others to do better. Just make sure that you donate things that are of good use. Some appliances can be repaired if needed, for better use.

Store it up

Many things often have emotional value, and people don’t really want to sell these belongings.  Instead of holding up space in the store room, you can choose to get professional self storage units, which are extremely affordable and easy to use. These services allow you to take a unit for a monthly price, and you can use their services for as many months as you want. If you intend to keep the goods for an extended period over one year, make sure to ask for a discount.

Use the outdoors

If you have extra space in the yard, you can create a special store room to keep some of the unused stuff. Alternatively, you can use outdoor area to create a conservatory or patio, which can be used for extra living space. It all depends on the space requirement, but since this step involves costs and considerable investment, it is a wise idea to set a budget. You can call a local contractor and ask them to offer a complete estimate for the project.

Finally, do make some space within the house itself. Areas under the stairs or in the basement can be used to keep a whole range of goods, specially small but important stuff.