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Modern Design Trends in Brooklyn

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Street in cobbled stone

Street in cobbled stone

Thinking about renovating your home or buying an apartment? In that case, you should make sure to decide in what kind of place you would like to live in. Many people allow designers to create the place in which the designer is not going to live in. Sometimes this works out fine. At other times, the owners of the home end up living in an amazing place. However, that amazing place an turn out not to be the right one for them. This should not be you. You should make sure to get familiar with design trends before venturing into an adventure such as this one. Therefore, we would like to get you familiar with the modern design trends in Brooklyn. This is a city that has been developing for some time now. Also, it is a representative of the new wave of design. Let’s give you some renovation ideas.

If you are into hipster movement, you are going to love some of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn

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The birth of new design trends in Brooklyn in general

Before we go on any further, let’s take a look at what has generated the surge in the design trends in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is the largest of all five boroughs of New York City. Also, it has always been regarded as one of the boroughs in which lower-class resided in. Nowadays, much has changed since the mid-twentieth century and before. Just like the rest of the NYC, there are certain reasons for changes that are taking place here:

  • Gentrification
  • Increased housing price
  • Decreased affordability of residence

All the above-mentioned reasons have influenced the surge of modern design in Brooklyn. Manhattan has become too expensive a place for artists to live in. There are those super popular artists who still can afford to live there, of course. Still, young people looking to make a career are being pushed out of Manhatten to other suburbs and cities. If you are one of those people, make sure to get affordable moving options and save money on your move. This is where Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC can prove to be quite handy.

Now, please do not let us be misunderstood. Living in Brooklyn means gentrification as well. Still, those creative people who used to reside in Manhattan are moving to Brooklyn, while the older Brooklyn residents are being pushed even further away. That’s just the way that gentrification works. The arrival of new, fresh, blood in Brooklyn spurred the new design trends in Brooklyn.

Hipsterism leads the modern design trends in Brooklyn

No matter whether you like it or not, we need to start with hipsters and the influence that they have had, and are still having, on modern design trends in Brooklyn.

Hipsters used to occupy certain neighborhoods in Manhattan such as Greenwich Village and Chelsea and East Village. Now, their influence has moved across the rivers. If you are moving to Brooklyn and you are looking to live in a neighborhood loaded with hipsters, you may try the following ones:

  • Williamsburg
  • Bushwick

What are the characteristics of a hipster trend in Brooklyn? Well, years ago, buying matching furniture sets used to be one of the characteristics of the lower class. Today, matching furniture is something that has become mainstream in the hipster world and pricy as well.

Interior design in the modern design trends in Brooklyn

This is a place in which interior designers’ and investors’ opinion collide.

There are many designers who are unhappy with the requests that they receive from the investor. Given the fact that hipster community is very happy to pay a lot for something whose worth is far lower, investors are too often eager to have a warehouse look to the place that they are building. This way minimal investment means a very high profit. For the designers, this is something very irritating. It is not giving them the ability to create anything new or unusual. Therefore, should you be moving house to Flatbush in a safe manner, make sure to give your designer the freedom of creation. Obviously, make sure to tell him what you are interested to get from him and let him do the rest.

What more can we get from modern design trends in Brooklyn

Leaving the dominant hipsterism behind, this feels like the tight time what else we can see in the design trends in Brooklyn. Bear in mind that we are entering into the sphere of high fashion. Some of the following may be expensive to implement but can be good idea generators.


Unlike minimalism, maximalism puts bright colors and massive furniture to a good use. In total, it is a bold philosophy that takes quite a bit to get accustomed to.

Be confident in yourself and choose the coloring that you like

Alt tag: Bold colors are some of the modern design trends in Brooklyn

Dominant coloring

Do you have a favorite color? May it be blue, pink, green or purple, you can follow your guts and design your interior in accordance with it. Use different shades of your favorite colors on your interiors. Make sure that chandeliers, walls and furniture match and you will be living in a very peculiar and unique place.

Metal all the way

If you are into a cold-colored approach to your surroundings, you may turn to bare brass metal for your interior. This kind will probably take more upkeep and house cleaning. Still, it is an interesting way to arrange your home. After all, all the needs and preferences that you need to satisfy are the needs and preferences of your family.

You can turn your apartment into a botanic garden

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In case that you are into living in nature, but are stuck in the city, you may adapt your interior to your liking. Cover the walls in botanical prints and introduce plenty plants to your home. In a matter of seconds, your home can be turned into a rainforest!