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Need Help With Sidewalk Repair? Don’t Miss These Facts And Tips!

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Need Help With Sidewalk Repair? Don’t Miss These Facts And Tips!

There are many ways to enhance the exteriors of your home, but some things are just necessary, such as the sidewalk. Owing to many environmental and soil related factors, sidewalks may get damaged or can settle in, which can lead to an uneven top surface. Repairing the sidewalk of your home is not always a choice. Besides impacting the aesthetics of the exteriors, uneven sidewalks can lead to a tripping hazard. If someone is injured on your property, you might be held liable and may have to pay for all medical and other expenses. Quite obviously, you need to hire a company for the job.

Getting the work done

When it comes to sidewalk trip hazard repair, there are two choices – mud jacking and polyurethane lifting. Traditionally, mud jacking is used for leveling and concrete lifting. In this case, a number of holes are drilled on the surface of the concrete, and a mortar mix is poured in. The mix, which also contains cement, settles in the gap between the concrete slab and the surface underneath and helps in getting the right level on the top. A better alternative to that is polyurethane lifting. For this process, lesser holes are required, and instead of a mortar mix, a foam material is used to pour underneath. As the material expands, it helps in leveling the concrete slabs.

Is polyurethane lifting better?

In many ways, polyurethane lifting is a better way to repair uneven sidewalks. The foam material is lighter, and thereby, it doesn’t add stress to the surface underneath. The work can be done much faster, and lesser holes are required for getting the material inside. The downtime with polyurethane lifting is limited, and although it is an expensive choice than mud jacking, it works better in terms of durability. Experts also believe that polyurethane lifting works well for commercial and residential projects alike, and the work done is much more effective in lifting concrete.

If you want to repair the sidewalks of your home, do take time to find a company that specializes in polyurethane lifting. Ask as many questions as required, and ask for an estimate, so that you can compare the prices. Always settle for a service that has the necessary resources, team members, expertise and experience, instead of selecting one that’s offering an insane discount. Check online now to find the best services in your city, and don’t miss on checking the terms and conditions of their services.