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Organising Items Inside a Fitted Wardrobe

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Organsing all your clothes and accessories in a limited space could be very challenging. There are different ways to organise them in a ready-made closet. The only problem is that since you have limited space at home, you might not have enough space for sufficient furniture. One of the best ways to solve this problem is by investing in a fitted wardrobe. This type of closet is built-in. Once placed on your wall, it stays there for a long time.

This type of closet is also very spacious even if placed in a small bedroom. You can even include several compartments which will totally help you in organising. If you happen to already have one or you plan to do so, there are ways to organise your clothes inside your fitted closet.

Count all the compartments first

Fitted closets are specially built according to your own specifications. You can design the composition, including the number of compartments and drawers. You decide how many to include based on the available space and for practical reasons. Think of the amount of clothes, shoes, jewellery and other items that you plan to store. You can even group them according to purpose once the closet has been made. This makes it easier for you to decide what to place inside the closet.

Decide how to group the items

Now that you have identified the spaces and compartments, proceed with the classification. Look at all your things and group them according to use. You may put together your working clothes, formal clothes and casual clothes. You may also group them according to the frequency of use so that it would be easier for you to grab something whenever necessary. Also, do not forget your other stuff such as your belts, jewellery and accessories. You may even have the remaining space left for your books, art materials and other things you need to keep.

Start placing the items

Once you are done deciding what to place in the closet and how to group them, the next step is to finally arrange all of them. Use hangers to save space. Some hangers can even accommodate more than one item. If you are storing your jewellery inside the drawers, it must have a separate box for further protection. You may even take it a step further and name all the sections just in case you forget where you have kept your items. This is true especially if you have not used a particular item for a very long time.

It takes time to organise everything in a closet. However, with fully fitted bedrooms it can be fun, and a lot easier.

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