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Playful flooring ideas for your kids’ room!

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Furniture and walls don’t make a room – elements do. Designing and creating a room for your kids can be a big challenge, because it is never about the aesthetics alone. When we are talking about kids’ rooms, it is important to understand that every age is different. In this post, we will talk about a few flooring ideas for playrooms.

  • Use the flooring as a learning space. If you can add color and shapes to the flooring, it always works because the kid will get inquisitive and ask questions. Check for foam puzzle mats, which come with interlocking and requires minimum effort for the installation.

  • Cushioning is important. For kids below five years, you need to be extra cautious about cushioning. Please note that cushioning helps in preventing common mishaps, especially when you don’t have a nanny to keep a watch for the entire time.
  • Pack enough colors. Colored flooring, either using mats or paint, can work wonders for most playrooms. You can add an extra layer of dimension in the space, and the whole idea can be collaborated effectively with the rest of the interiors.
  • Consider carpeting. If you have the budget, carpeting with custom colors can be a good idea. The only thing that remains a concern is the maintenance. Carpeted floors must be cleaned every day, because the material can harbor bacteria.

  • Work with the accessories. Playrooms usually have a lot of toys, but these inclusions will change with time. It is best to match the flooring with the rest of the walls and accessories, such as storage cabinets and chest of drawers.

Other quick tips

As mentioned in the post, maintenance of the material can be major problem, which is why many parents do prefer foam over other options. If you want to improve the flooring beyond that, go for soft hardwood floors and add foam mats to it. It is also a good idea to invest in flooring that can be used later. For example, simple mats can be later added to another store room for that extra effect. Also, consider the cost of the flooring in advance and get an estimate. Don’t shy away from discussing your requirements with the seller, and if required, contact them to know what possible they can do to address specific concerns.

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