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Police-recommended Security Products include CCTV Surveillance Cameras

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Besides the addition of security alarms, closed circuit TV cameras enhance security for homeowners and businesses. In fact, CCTV surveillance is often recommended by the police, as the cameras can capture a crime whilst it is happening.

A Reduction in Crime

When a CCTV system is used, video cameras track the outside and inside of a property. A signal transmits images to monitors.  If a potential intruder sees the cameras, he is often discouraged from entering a property. Therefore, video surveillance cameras often serve as a strong deterrent against crime. In fact, research shows that the use of CCTV systems in car parks have led to a 50% reduction in crime. When video surveillance is added to public transportation, criminal activities decrease by about 23%.

When you use this form of home security in Perth, you can also enjoy lower insurance rates. Because you are making yourself less of a target, you are also reducing your liability for insurance companies. In turn, you are rewarded with lower insurance premiums. Also, if your home is burgled and it is not fully secured, you may not receive reimbursement for the loss. As a result, a CCTV system provides evidence for insurance claims. The more evidence you can provide to support a claim, the easier it is to seek reimbursement.

Again, the police recommend that homeowners and businesses use CCTV surveillance. Surveillance cameras and monitors can be used in court to convict criminals as well as increase the safety of a neighbourhood. When you have a CCTV system in place, you will have more peace of mind, whether you are securing a business or a residential property. Not only does a camera deflect criminal activities, it can also show proof of a crime.

Keeping Your Home Secure

If you choose to install a CCTV system inside and outside your home, you can have the cameras and monitors set up according to your family’s needs. That means you can view any activity from your mobile phone or link the system to Wi-Fi and view your premises online.

Cameras for CCTV systems supply high-definition images, thereby ensuring that you receive clear footage of any suspicious activities. When paired with a security alarm, video surveillance allows you to enjoy better insurance rates and have more control over your security needs.

When making a selection for business or home security, choose a company that offers alarm systems and CCTV as well as maintenance and monitoring. By opting for these products, you can stay on top of securing your property.

You can take advantage of standard phone line monitoring and direct wireless monitoring, both of which allow for control room tracking. You can transform your mobile phone into a virtual control room as well. That way, you will always stay updated about your alarm’s performance.